Zhenjiang, a driver when reversing the throttle when the brake crashed three fences (video) soulseek

Zhenjiang, a driver when reversing the throttle when the brake crashed three fences on the morning of 15, in the Danyang intercity high-speed rail station near the amazing scene, a white car suddenly out of control, such as runaway fast astern, after crashing three fences, fell into a car parking lot, resulting in more than and 20 electric cars damaged! However, the intersection of the reporter learned from the Danyang traffic police department, fortunately, the accident caused no casualties, but during a lucky man! The time of the incident, it was raining. Reporters on the scene of the accident to see the video, when a white car in the vicinity of Danyang intercity high-speed rail exports to accelerate the reverse, the accident is not crowded roads, vehicles, and so on, are waiting for a red light. Suddenly, the white car dumped out of the red light fleet vehicle tail, thrilling scene immediately appeared! Fortunately, the car was knocked down too much, piled up, the car may be forced to stop. More shocking is that the intersection of the reporter saw in the video, or in a series of three layer isolation barrier crash process, there is a man with an umbrella, in the two or three layer between the fence and leisurely walk. Seeing the car rushed down to hit and the rolling, the man suddenly epiphany, started to run, because the action promptly, to avoid this death! Before press time, the reporter contacted the Danyang traffic police department. Relevant police told reporters that the driver was a man in Danyang, when he was in front of a car, he was ready to reverse out. Who knows, in the process of preparing the brakes, but the throttle as the brakes, which led to a rapid reverse, and then rushed into the high-speed rail station and parking lot parking area. At present, the accident scene has been processed, the specific cause of the accident and detailed reasons, the police are investigating. Extended video: unrelated to the original man or drunk driving brake when the throttle caused a major accident相关的主题文章: