Zhangzhou port intercepted hundreds of live flies into the ship a record number of the most – 8l9840

Zhangzhou port intercepted inbound ships in hundreds of live flies   a single number of the most in Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhangzhou port intercepted inbound ship hundreds of live flies a single number of the most recently, the Zhangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau in CMB port on a ship from the north into the territory of Tanzania ships "" Ming Xiangda boarding and quarantine, intercepted 366 flies, which flies 350, Boettcherisca 16, a number of single flies intercepted most. According to reports, the staff found that the ship body worn, poor overall health, and not equipped with enough pest control equipments. After careful inspection of the health and quarantine personnel, found a large number of disease vectors in the kitchen, restaurants and other areas of the ship. The interception of flies belonging to Insecta Diptera cyclorrhapha, known to the world more than 10000. Flies great harm to humans, in addition to harassment, vampire, human parasite invaded tissue leads to myiasis, can also carry a variety of bacteria, virus, parasite eggs by mechanical means, spread many diseases, such as dysentery, typhoid and other diseases. They are in the ship and other means of transport in the main venues are food storage room, dining room, living room, etc., relatively narrow space, increasing the risk of disease transmission. According to the ship vector breeding situation, Zhangzhou inspection and quarantine supervision and implementation of sanitary disinfection measures to prevent epidemic epidemics of infectious diseases, in order to effectively reduce the risk of the spread of disease vectors, protect the frontier port health safety. At the same time, the collection of the ship "ship sanitation exemption certificate", issued by the ship sanitation control measures given "certificate", this is the Zhangzhou Bureau issued second sanitary control certificate. (the network reporter Wang Huimin correspondent Lin Zhihua) (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?)相关的主题文章: