Zhang Yishan will run the family with children Yang Zi’s not for me. zznba

Zhang Yishan: will run "families with children" Yang Zi is not my original title: Zhang Yishan: will run "families with children" and Yang Zi Xia Qi could not Beijing Yavin Sina entertainment news photography by Zhang Yishan [micro-blog], He Yunwei, Li Jing starred in the movie "to reflect" duolu. In the film before the conference, Zhang Yishan received several media interviews chelunzhan. Zhang Yishan, who had been sitting on the couch at the front of the camera for an hour, immediately relaxed when he heard that our interview was not videotaped. He patted the right side of the sofa of the sitting next to him, this is going to Beijing paralyzed the rhythm? The 92 years of big boy’s pet phrase is "the truth", with the Beijing small Ye crisp effort, Zhang Yishan himself in "the getaway" noodle head shape to upright Tucao a lot: "I am also difficult to accept, because I particularly difficult to accept my costume design. There are a lot of people say not good-looking, indeed, I didn’t feel good." In the next 10 minutes in the chat, Zhang Yishan also reveals a lot of small material — "families with children" although early maturity may not collect the original class troops, but they also work on another "little things"; speaking of screen CP Yang Zi [micro-blog], Zhang Yishan frankly know everybody wants to let them together. Here is a flag: "but could not!" Sina entertainment dialogue Zhang Yishan even canned herring are not afraid of Zhang Yishan, the most afraid of is… Cat! Sina entertainment: before you eat in the variety show herring can eat so enjoy, do you really think that taste OK? Zhang Yishan: I heard what they were saying, so I was scared at first. A little later opened a smell that smell, to tell the truth as an authentic Beijing people, I think it is acceptable. Because people in Beijing we will eat Stinky tofu, pickled tofu, will drink Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk). Sina entertainment: Yes, I can’t accept Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk). Zhang Yishan: to be honest, that is Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) terrible, but I have to drink the Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) process, on this basis, it is okay. I am a life not very particular people, what I can, it won’t have too big challenge for me because of the shooting, when there will be a lot of dirty and smelly and that what I can accept. Sina entertainment: so do you have anything to fear? For example, afraid of ghosts? Zhang Yishan: I’m afraid of cats and dogs, but I’m more afraid of cats. Because when I was little shadow, I grew up in the courtyard, grew up in the alley, there will be a kind of wildcat. The wildcat is dirty, sometimes get sick, honestly look sick, so I have a shadow, grow up to see the cat a bit uncomfortable. Sina entertainment: now the film and television drama often have a cat and dog set, so if there is such a request, you will change to play it? Zhang Yishan: I think it is for the character to start it, really want me to play this special cat like people, to tell the truth, I was in order to play, in order to take responsibility for the role, I do not answer, the speech is not good. Sina entertainment Zhang Yishan dialogue "families with children" who will cooperate a "small things")相关的主题文章: