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Zhang Yishan. The line will be in "families with children" – a Sohu entertainment "families with children" Liu Xing, keyboard and mouse Sohu entertainment news recently, Zhang Yishan starred in "the home has children early maturity," the news sparked heated debate, Yalin Gao signed the play, Song Dandan micro-blog propaganda "nine month" let us look forward to the original return. The reporter learned from the party to make the play, Zhang Yishan in the "family with children" in the two buddies will return, "keyboard" "mouse" played by Sheng Guansen and Zhang Yiwen will take part in the "family with children beginning to grow up". "Keyboard" actor Sheng Guansen recently exposed because the licensing of marriage and by the users attention. Born in 1993 in Guansen Sheng "home with one of the best friend Liu Xing as children", although few scenes in the drama, but love small adult fat boy image of the audience in mind, now looks pretty Sheng Guansen return to public view is to let people exclaim "face value". It is understood that Guansen Sheng also starred in the film "cool youth" and TV series "star times" the "snow Eagle", won the Thirteenth Annual Student Film Festival "Best Newcomer Award", and Zhang Tianai, Wang, who recently starred in the film "shark bead biography". At the same time, Liu Xingling a good base friends mouse trend has become the focus of attention. It is understood that the "mouse" real name Zhang Yiwen, a year younger than the keyboard, graduated from Beijing Film Academy this summer, majoring in film and television management. Zhang Yiwen in the college has directed the "Infernal Affairs", imitating the footage of Tiantai micro documentary "dog", directed and starred in two film "piece of meat" chasing love "gone with the wind", and opened his own studio, to continue his movie dream. The sitcom "family with children" is a classic IP "home with kids" upgrade version, while retaining the reorganization of the family this setting on the basis of the play will enable the new relationship between the characters and the story.相关的主题文章: