Yunnan Stone Forest 60 pairs of new couples wrestling, archery interpretation of Ashima – Jiangxi Ch-plants war

Yunnan Stone Forest: 60 couples and wrestling and Archery "Ashima" — Interpretation of the Jiangxi channel, original title: Yunnan Stone Forest: 60 couples of husband and wife "Ashima" interpretation of wrestling and archery to participate in the activities of the people and his wife were wrestling on September 29th, in Yunnan Stone Forest Scenic spot, to participate in the China? 60 couples, Shilin Second International Ashima the cultural festival of husband and wife to take part in a wrestling match and archery competitions, the colorful activities. In "Ashima" in the film, in the Sani traditional holiday, a black, archery, wrestling are defeated Fujiazidi ahzhi, won the colored silk, and Ashima each set for life. The stone forest has a "wrestling town" reputation, the local Yi wrestling originated in the worship activities, in the history of several thousand years of development, has become the most local wrestling of Yi People’s love, is also the most popular traditional sports activities. (Li Faxing, Xu Qian, Xue Dan, tiger compliance will participate in the activities of the couple, husband and wife) to participate in the activities of the new wrestling wrestling match, and his wife were Heige to participate in activities in archery competition, the new couple of wrestling competitions to participate in the activities of the couple, husband and wife were wrestling professional wrestler, wrestling to the new couple demo (commissioning editor Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)

云南石林:60对新人伉俪摔跤射箭演绎《阿诗玛》–江西频道–人民网 原标题:云南石林:60对新人伉俪摔跤射箭演绎《阿诗玛》   参加活动的新人、伉俪进行摔跤比赛   9月29日,在云南石林景区,前来参加中国?石林第二届国际阿诗玛文化节的60对新人、伉俪参加摔跤比赛和射箭比赛,整个活动精彩纷呈。   在《阿诗玛》电影中,在撒尼族的传统节日里,阿黑射箭、摔跤都战胜了富家子弟阿支,夺得了彩绸,与阿诗玛互订终身。   石林有着“摔跤之乡”的美誉,当地彝族的摔跤活动起源于祭祀活动,在几千年的历史发展中,摔跤成为了当地彝族人民最喜欢,也是最普遍的传统体育活动。(李发兴、徐前、薛丹、虎遵会)   参加活动的新人、伉俪进行摔跤比赛   参加活动的新人、伉俪进行摔跤比赛   阿黑哥在射箭比赛中   参加活动的新人、伉俪进行摔跤比赛   参加活动的新人、伉俪进行摔跤比赛   专业摔跤手向新人、伉俪演示摔跤 (责编:邱烨、帅筠)相关的主题文章: