Yun Zhi Li Yifeng Zhao Liying netcasting broken billion draw sword against (video) demonophobia

"Yun Zhi" Li Yifeng Zhao Liying Qingyun netcasting broken billion _14 > will draw sword against; > > click on the video to watch "Tencent, Tencent Qingyun Zhi" entertainment news the day before, produced by Huan Rui century, based on a novel by Xiao Ding IP is one of "Zhi" ultimate Qingyun official blog announced the amount of network play broken billion, Hunan satellite TV also announced the adjustment of the schedule every Sunday to Tuesday 10 p.m. two free this week from Monday to Thursday, 8 p.m. video Tencent members first look. The play by Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Cheng Yi, such as starring in the. Membership update last night in the story, a pedestrian Zhang Xiaofan fled to the seaside, Baguio finally learned to save his people when Zhang Xiaofan, then two people in the sea and embracing the picture so that all the users moved whirlwind tears. Tonight, Zhang Xiaofan and others will be teamed up to defeat the Baguio Yuyang, looking for Haizhu. Qingyun door and ghost cases are not willing to concede, is magic opposite Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio longer test. Li Yifeng Zhao Liying mumbo-jumbo reproduction dispute will renew the show tonight in a nice hobble, Albatron door disciple and Zong Zhongren teamed up to help Yoko Ghost War jade Xiao Zhuang Dinghai back Stuart, war has just ended the people because Haizhu belong to renewed strife. A mumbo-jumbo, side door Qingyun big brother Xiao Yicai is not to seize the magic Zhang Xiaofan, Lin Jingyu step by step, Li Yifeng plays Zhang Xiaofan stay adorable affectionate, struggling in the position is magic and personal feelings, fans were praising the acting hanging open". On the other side of Baguio shilly-shally, Qinglong mercilessly reminded "in their eyes, you will always be the evil siren, Zhao Liying Baguio circle depicts numerous powder all threads neatly tied up in a nice hobble. "Qingyun Zhi" this week in a plot of high-energy, sugar and abuse conversion freely, Zhang Xiaofan insisted Qingyun disciple right position, a ghost Lord in Baguio mission, two people deadlocked once when in crisis and draw sword against, when Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio several homes for them regardless of personal danger. The development of human feelings sweet two upgrade, Sadomasochism hanging open, let the netizens exclaimed "sweet child can’t bear it". "Yun Zhi" amount of broken billion TV webcast three days before the date of Tiaodang even see Qingyun, "Chi" official network playback volume exceeded 10 billion mark, becoming the first summer netcasting amount exceeded 10 billion works. Since the launch of "Qingyun Zhi" hot topic, a single set of webcasting was a record for Tencent, members pay membership video mode direct increase of 10 million passengers, with market driven greatly. And "Qingyun Zhi", the episode aired not more than half has made such achievements, but also people on the performance after looking forward to. The day before, Hunan TV announced the adjustment of "Qingyun Chi" broadcast schedule, this week to adjust every Sunday to Tuesday at 10 p.m. the two free, even at three days. Tencent video Monday to Thursday every day a set of membership first look will continue to update, the audience also have a message that can use the sword pace ". It is reported that the TV drama "Qingyun Zhi" name has today Mobile Games beta, the game player can get a glimpse of the landing Mobile Games plot developments.相关的主题文章: