You respect the life of union sample — written on the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Peking -bleep

You respect the life of "union sample" — written on the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Health Channel – "glass roof, exhibition cornices, eaves fly swift……" Under the brick of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, swift and early late, like busy people union. Some people say that union never hurried footsteps, when you see a man dressed in white drifted far away, leaving only a figure, that is the union of people. In the Union’s history, had a large number of admirable medical people: Zhang Xiaoqian, Lin Qiaozhi, Huang Jiasi, Wu Jieping, Ceng Xianjiu, Wu Yingkai…… They left a unique and rich heritage: "Three Basics" (basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills), "three" (method of serious attitude and strict requirements, strict) and "union Sambo" (medical records, Professor, library). The old building union Lin Qiaozhi statue in front of the observer in a continuous line. At the beginning of this year, a 72 year old man in her birthday, came with a bunch of flowers and a card, which said: "in the war years, you through the skillful technique of cesarean section, I will receive the world, I will always remember you. Wishing you peace and happiness in heaven!" Your child is signed". Lin Qiaozhi, the founder of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology China known as the "million baby mother", still live in the hearts of the people. The East and west of the East and west. 95 years, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, adhering to the "rigorous, refinement, diligence and dedication" harmony spirit, adhere to the "patient-centered" hospital, set up to woo the life of "union sample". What is the most important characteristic of the union of "harmony and quality"? Answer: rigorous. In China, the diagnosis of Concord is recognized as the "gold standard", few people can overturn the conclusion of Concord, the mystery is here. The medical scientist Zhang Xiaoqian has a "secret weapon" — small books, each outpatient rounds will bring. Encounter difficult disease, the patient’s name, condition points recorded in a small notebook. The little book in his 56 month after month and year after year, merged into a difficult case "library". In 60 years of clinical practice, "as if he is always very careful". This strict refinement of the spirit, influenced generations of people union. Medical expert Shen Ti said: "as long as it is a clinical problem, we must look at the patient, which is the tradition of concord." One patient had a fever and was not using antibiotics. He had to take the medical records to find the director of infection. When he was about to leave, the old director said, "go and see the patient." This small action, make Shen Ti unforgettable. Dr. concord is bubble out: bubble in the hospital, bubble in the ward. Lin Qiaozhi is known as "the life of the doctor on duty", the hospital and ward is her home. She once said, "go to the patient’s bed and do face to face work." She believes that a clinician never leaves the patient. Clinical, do not leave the bed, the doctor is not a good doctor from the bed. The unity of the man is reflected in the meticulous diagnosis of disease. There is no evidence, even a high degree of doubt, it is not easy to draw conclusions. Only)相关的主题文章: