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Yong Zhou Jia Tai Wen port integration — Zhejiang channel — people.com.cn original title: Yong Zhou Jia Tai Wen port to complete the integration of Zhejiang Daishan recently, Long Lake rat iron ore transfer dock successfully by Singapore 400 thousand tons of ore ship "sea vision" round, marking the Ningbo port of Zhoushan maximum level increased from 300 thousand tons to 400 thousand tons. The ore terminal of the rat wave lake is one of the major projects to promote the integration of the assets of Ningbo port in Zhoushan. The construction of marine province, need to develop cohesion, enhance the overall competitiveness of the port, need a clenched fist. In the province of harbor Commission under the coordination of the integration of Ningbo, Zhoushan, Jiaxing port, Taizhou, Wenzhou and other coastal city five has been successfully completed, and the province of Yiwu inland port inland port integration is in order, the strategic layout of the port of Zhejiang to break the ocean has been launched. Give full play to the original port of Ningbo capital advantage, management advantage and international influence, resource advantages and development potential to fully tap the original port of Zhoushan, "1+1> continued to enlarge the effect of integration; 2", is one of the goals of Ningbo Zhoushan port substantive integration, Zhejiang is also one of the causes of a wider integration of coastal port resources. The sea area near the lake island, named after the lake, has been a good haven for fishermen since ancient times. A local official said before, because of capital, technology and other reasons, although the deep water port, near the intersection of shelter conditions, but also in China’s coastal shipping trunk line and the Yangtze River route, but it is difficult to develop, is a strategic decision of the provincial government to promote the integration of the development of sea port wake waves mouse lake the vast expanse of water. Not long ago, in the wave of Lake Marina has attracted the world’s first iron ore production and distribution business vale of Brazil extended an olive branch. Zhoushan Jianghai transport service center in April this year, the State Council has approved the establishment of Zhejiang, coastal ports will close around the The Belt and Road "national strategy, to build a world-class integrated transport hub, Jianghai shipping service base and national commodity storage and processing trade base, create port integration reform and development demonstration zone in china. As of the first half, the provincial port group net assets of 64 billion 150 million yuan. Substantive integration after Ningbo Zhoushan port group net assets amounted to 47 billion 670 million yuan, its assets had been injected into the province harbour group, is mainly responsible for the operation of the port plate, the port of Zhejiang to become the flagship red ocean. The first three quarters of this year, Zhejiang coastal port container throughput of 17 million 950 thousand TEUs, an increase of 4.5%, an increase of 1.2 percentage points higher than the national, the substantive integration after the Ningbo Zhoushan port of Zhoushan port container throughput, an increase of 22%, cargo throughput increased by 10.5%, to lead the country. (commissioning editor Guo Yang and Weng Dikai)相关的主题文章: