Yichang 5 county leaders Liu Fenglei Zhijiang municipal Party committee secretary happynewyear

5 Yichang County Urban leaders to adjust the Zhijiang party secretary Liu Fenglei by the Hubei provincial Party committee agreed that the Yichang municipal Party committee decided: Comrade Liu Fenglei served as party secretary of Zhijiang; Wang Xiaobo was appointed secretary of Xingshan County; Wang Xiwei was appointed party secretary of Yiling; Wang Yuancheng was appointed secretary of Wujiagang District Committee; Zhili was appointed party secretary Hu Xiao ting. October 28th, Zhijiang, Xingshan, Yiling, and other places, Wu Jiagang Xiaoting held a staff meeting, announced that the new county Party committee secretary of the adjustment in place. Liu Fenglei Liu Fenglei Liu Fenglei, former vice mayor of Yichang city Wujiagang District, deputy director of the Yichang municipal housing and urban and rural construction committee member, Deputy Secretary General of the Yichang municipal government, government office of Party members, to promote the construction of Yichang New District Office of the deputy director and Secretary of the joint examination and approval, Yichang City real estate management bureau Party secretary. January 2016, he served as Deputy Secretary of the Zhijiang Municipal Committee, mayor. October 2016, he served as party secretary of Zhijiang. Wang Xiaobao Wang Xiaobao Wang Xiaobao resume 1990.09–1993.07 Yichang Teachers College Department of chemistry learning of middle school teachers in Yiling city 1993.07–1997.09 Yichang, Secretary of the Communist Youth League school (1997.06 minor) 1997.09 – 1998.04 Yichang municipal government office 1998.04 – 2000.10 Yichang municipal government office of learning chemistry department of Hubei Normal University undergraduate Duzhashi, deputy director of 1994.07–1997.06 2000.10–2002.06 Yichang municipal government office director 2000.09–2002.07 Huazhong University of science and technology of western economics the postgraduate courses in the 2002.06 – 2003.11 Yichang municipal government office supervision section 2003.11–2004.10 Yichang foreign trade bureau deputy director, Party members (deputy county) 2004.10 – 2010.02, deputy director of the Yichang Municipal Bureau of Commerce member 2004.09–2005.03 Hang the petition Office Petition supervisioncommissioner 2010.02 – 2012.05 Yichang municipal government deputy secretary general, municipal government office of the party members of the 2012.05–2013.06 Yichang municipal government deputy secretary general, municipal government office of Party members, Yichang merchants secretary, party secretary 2013.06–2013.07 Xingshan County Deputy Secretary, deputy magistrate of Xingshan County People’s government, on behalf of the county 2013.07–2016.10 Xingshan County Deputy Secretary and mayor of Xingshan County 2016.10– Xingshan county Party Secretary Wang Xiwei Wang Xiwei Wang Xiwei resume 1999.09 – 2003.06, Hainan University undergraduate financial professional learning; 2003.09 – 2006.06, Fudan University political economics graduate students learning; 2006.相关的主题文章: