Ya’an 7 year old carpenter pocket repair water grain mill hundred years (Figure) (video) ppbox

Ya’an 7 year old carpenter pocket repair water grain mill hundred years (Figure) Huaxi city newspaper reporter Yang Tao photo is nostalgia, but also for inheritance. Ya’an (micro-blog) Mingshan District, 74 year old Gao Zhisen is leading a technical team of 7 people, at their own expense to repair a hundred years of real shuinian. Of these 7, there is a carpenter Mason, with an average age of more than and 70, according to the plan, they will resume operation in Shuinian fang. At home: digging ditches constructed by ancient waterwheel model in the mountains built Shan, mountain rolling methods, Gao Zhisen’s house is hidden behind the top of a piece of bamboo fish. When a carpenter, practiced martial arts, Gao Zhisen wandering life retire after the return home, designed and built a two storey house. Sitting in front of the house, Gao Zhisen always been imagining when playing in the square Shuinian edges of the scene, it is the most beautiful memories of his life: the water rushing, waterwheel flip, huge stone roller is pushed forward again and again. A rice grain becomes translucent, a load of wheat into flour as white as snow, the children in the river to catch fish shrimp…… The first people’s wisdom to Gao Zhisen admiration: combination alone stone and wood, the use of tenon with round through two groups of different sizes of wood gear and changed the direction, can let the trickle play a huge energy. "The craftsmen who have mastered this technology are now eighty or ninety years old, and I am younger than I am." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""." Gao Zhisen worried that after their generation passed away, this technology will disappear forever. How to retain this traditional technology? In 2005, Gao Zhisen dug a pond in the yard, in accordance with the proportion of its size, do two Shuinian model. A car is a high Shuinian, car. The model is complete, to visit people in a continuous line, young people to understand the history, the elderly to nostalgia. Attachment: persistent traveled mountains looking for a hundred years Shuinian real miniature Shuinian model cannot milling mill, Gao Zhisen does not feel satisfied, so to find a Shuinian workshop to repair, to let us have an intuitive feel to this tradition. He was riding on the tricycle, searching in the mountains, found that the vast majority of water grain mill has disappeared. In July this year, in the mountains and mountains around, Gao Zhisen found a dilapidated old grain mill in the Near East Xiang Guan Tian Cun Xu Jia gou. This is a hundred year old water grain mill, rice mill can. Due to the development of the times, Shuinian real years of neglect. The walls of the house collapsed, the room was tilted, and the ditches were blocked. In the main parts of stone, stone mill are still, just the waterwheel had disappeared. In order to better recover its real, Gao Zhisen rode a motorcycle to study tibetan. His calculations, to repair houses, water tankers, but also hardening nearly 200 meters out of the road, the house should be strengthened, to clear the ditch, but also customized metal castings. A rough estimate, the mill, Shuinian to repair the normal grinding, milling, need 80 thousand yuan. Fix: 7 people technical team average age of more than and 70 years to repair the ability to rely solely on one person apparently unable to complete the repair plan. Gao Zhisen told the idea to the small partners. Then the small partners are now more than and 70 years old, but after hearing the news are very excited. Yangziqiao相关的主题文章: