Xinjiang border officers and soldiers -30 degrees border latent ice smashed the military eye corner

Xinjiang border officers and soldiers -30 degrees border latent ice smashed the military eye corner – Sohu military channel map for duty officers and soldiers patrolling the wind. Time: January 24th Venue: Kazakhstan border marker 92 day minimum temperature: -30 degrees in January 24th along the night, Xinjiang military region, Tacheng military sub Pakistan border connection element according to the higher command, decided to send in a duty unit to Kazakhstan border marker 92 to perform tasks lurking. No. 92 boundary distance company 5 kilometers, is known as "air". Officers and soldiers just out of the gate of the camp, the whistling wind will blow you reel right and left. "Hand in hand, side by side."!" In the blizzard, Sergeant Li Hechuan, who was at the top of the line, turned his head to remind us. Thick snow, almost every step on the knee, every step is very difficult. Suddenly, a gust of wind laden with crushed ice, to his face to hit, the right eye surgeon Sun Jie smashed out of the blood. The river crosses, and through the woods…… Just 5 kilometers of patrol Road, it took almost 4 hours to reach the latent area. Grouping, post, warning, soldiers as planned in the vast snow lurking, the snow will cover you up. "There’s light in the southeast."!" The potential for nearly an hour later, the good soldier left Zhang Teng first found that "the enemy". Through the night vision mirror, the reporter saw, Southeast of 500 meters away from personnel activities traces. "Stop!"! Please show your credentials!" Suddenly, the officers and men surprised him, and he was busy explaining his identity to everyone. The soldiers identification documents, report the situation to the company duty room, and ultimately determine who is near the ranch stockman. Sun Jun told reporters: "a month ago, they captured a criminal who tried to cross the border here." At 4 a.m., the latent mission ended. The commander gathered his troops and walked back to the company with the wind and snow.

新疆边防官兵-30℃边境潜伏 碎冰砸裂军医眼角-搜狐军事频道 图为执勤官兵顶风巡逻。   时间:1月24日   地点:中哈边境92号界碑   当日最低气温:-30℃   1月24日傍夜,新疆军区塔城军分区巴依木扎边防连接上级通报,决定派出一支执勤分队前往中哈边境92号界碑执行潜伏任务。   92号界碑距离连队5公里,是出了名的“风口”。执勤官兵刚出营门,呼啸的寒风就将大家吹得东倒西歪。“手拉着手,侧着身子前进!”风雪中,走在队伍最前面的中士李河川扭过头高声提醒我们。   厚厚的积雪,每踩一脚几乎都没过膝盖,每走一步都异常艰难。突然,一阵猛烈的狂风挟带着碎冰块,劈头盖脸地向大家袭来,军医孙杰的右眼角被砸出了血。   翻山、涉河、穿林……短短5公里的巡逻路,大家用了将近4个小时才到达潜伏地域。分组、布哨、警戒,官兵们按计划在茫茫雪野潜伏下来,漫天的风雪将大家隐蔽得严严实实。“东南方向有亮光!”潜伏了近一个小时后,上等兵左张腾首先发现“敌情”。透过夜视镜记者看到,东南方向500米开外有人员活动的踪迹。   “站住!请出示证件!”突然现身的官兵吓对方一跳,他忙向大家说明自己的身份。官兵们查验证件后,向连队值班室汇报了情况,最终确定此人为附近牧场的牧工。孙军医告诉记者:“一个月前,他们就在此地抓获一名企图越境的不法分子。”   凌晨4时许,潜伏任务宣告结束。指挥员收拢队伍,迎着风雪踏上了返回连队的路。相关的主题文章: