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Xie Feng: National Security echelon has been quite optimistic next to strive for a better ranking on the sidelines of the Xie Feng sina sports news on September 14th, in the Super League Round game, Beijing Guoan’s 2-0 victory over the Liaoning Hongyun team, the first victory in five games, foreign aid Yilmaz scored twice in the game. After the game, the team score reached 32 points, has been ahead of the relegation. At the end of the game, Xie Feng, head coach of the national team, said: "we have played well in the first 40 minutes of the game, and we have created some opportunities, but we have wasted the opportunity. In the second half of the second half, we had chances, scored two goals, tied the game. But the next Xie Feng also said: we are in the second half of the opening stage or some slack, let Liaoning team created a lot of chances, especially for James enough mark, let him almost break our goal. Anyway, it was a tough game and we won. It can be said to get a relatively favorable relegation scores, there are three home court game, we want to go all out, play the following game, and strive to a better place. Zhang Chengdong was named the best player of the match, foreign aid Yilmaz also scored two goals for the two players, Xie Feng said: Zhang Chengdong and Yilmaz in the game play is very good, after Zhang Chengdong injured, Shanghai Shenhua team after rehabilitation, return after play very well. He heard a lot of strikes on the right, and our attack is also more initiated from the right, especially the flank in his plays a very important role. When asked about now 32 points ahead of the relegation can already say this, Xie Feng bluntly: is not insurance, I said before 33 minutes in advance to avoid relegation. Of course, after winning the game, we avoid relegation has been quite optimistic. The next is to try to get ahead, try to position. (Song Ci)相关的主题文章: