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Xi’an thorough investigation of delivery of contraband seized control of the tool on a week 100 with "double eleven" is approaching the peak of the upcoming year, fedex. In October 28th 23, in the southern suburbs of a courier company, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment of police logistics delivery are from Inbound express, find out some common items in daily life, a different form of dagger, mechanical catapult…… The reporter understands, "double eleven" is approaching, as the country’s first professional law enforcement in logistics and delivery industry of the police team, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment investigation of logistics delivery, logistics delivery of contraband, only last week, they seized control of the tool on the 100. Perennial with express deal with, these special inspection courier police, how to work? The reporter learned that, in their daily work, in major festivals and activities of the time, they are spent in the busy, to ensure the safety of logistics delivery is to the people a better life. Only last week, logistics delivery Crime Investigation Detachment in 25 full express distribution center in Xi’an city the night of the investigation, the police have overcome road remote, long working time and other difficulties, seized control of the tool on the 100, and all kinds of illegal firearms simulation etc.. Among them, there are thousands of clues concerning illegal publications, and the relevant public security organs have been notified, and more than 10 criminal suspects have been arrested. "Double eleven" is approaching, logistics delivery police detachment, released the scope of prohibited items, to facilitate shopping can be aware of. Prohibited items refer to the state laws and regulations prohibit the delivery of the goods, the scope of the police released mainly include: (a) all kinds of weapons and ammunition. Such as guns, bullets, shells, grenades, landmines, bombs and so on. (two) all kinds of explosive articles. Such as detonators, explosives, gunpowder, firecrackers and so on. (three) all kinds of flammable substances, including liquids, gases and solids. Such as gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, raw lacquer, tung oil, diesel oil, aerosol, gas lighters, gas cylinders, phosphorus, sulfur and matches. (four) all kinds of corrosive goods. Such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, organic solvent, pesticide, hydrogen peroxide, dangerous chemicals, etc.. (five) all kinds of radioactive elements and containers. Such as uranium, cobalt, radium, plutonium and so on. (six) all kinds of poisonous drugs. Such as thallium, cyanide, arsenic etc.. (seven) all kinds of narcotic drugs. Such as opium (including poppy shells, flowers, bracts, leaves), morphine, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, methamphetamine, ephedrine and other products. (eight) all kinds of biochemical products and infectious substances. Such as anthrax, dangerous pathogens, medical waste and so on. (nine) all kinds of harmful national security, social and political stability and obscene publications, publicity materials, printed matter, etc.. (ten) all kinds of articles harmful to public health. Such as bones, animals, organs, limbs, no animal skins made of nitric acid, animal bones without drugs. (eleven) the national laws and regulations, administrative regulations prohibited the distribution, delivery or entry and exit of goods, such as state secret documents and data, the national currency and counterfeit currency and securities, simulation of weapons, knives, precious relics, endangered wild law

西安严查寄递违禁品 一周查获管制刀具上百把  随着“双十一”的临近,每年快递的高峰期即将到来。10月28日23点,在南郊一家快递公司,西安市公安局物流寄递犯罪侦查支队的民警们陆续从入站的快递中,查出一些日常生活中不常见的物品,有形态各异的匕首、有机械弹弓……记者了解到,“双十一”将至,作为全国首支专业执法于物流寄递行业领域的警察队伍,西安市公安局物流寄递犯罪侦查支队,严查物流寄递违禁品,仅上周以来,就查获管制刀具上百把。   常年跟快递打交道,这些专门检查快递的民警们,是如何工作的呢?记者了解到,在日常工作中,在重大节日、活动的时间里,他们都是在忙碌中度过,确保物流寄递的安全就是为了人们更好地生活。仅上周以来,物流寄递犯罪侦查支队在全西安市25家快递分拨中心的夜查中,民警们克服路途偏远、工作时间长等困难,查获管制刀具上百把,以及各类仿真枪支等违禁品。其中涉及非法出版物案件线索上千条,已通报相关地市公安机关,抓获违法犯罪嫌疑人10余人。   “双十一”临近,物流寄递支队民警,再次公布禁寄物品的范围,方便大家购物时能做到心中有数。   禁寄物品是指国家法律、法规禁止寄递的物品,目前警方公布的范围,主要包括:   (一)各类武器、弹药。如枪支、子弹、炮弹、手榴弹、地雷、炸弹等。   (二)各类易爆炸性物品。如雷管、炸药、火药、鞭炮等。   (三)各类易燃烧性物品,包括液体、气体和固体。如汽油、煤油、桐油、酒精、生漆、柴油、气雾剂、气体打火机、瓦斯气瓶、磷、硫磺、火柴等。   (四)各类易腐蚀性物品。如火硫酸、盐酸、硝酸、有机溶剂、农药、双氧水、危险化学品等。   (五)各类放射性元素及容器。如铀、钴、镭、钚等。   (六)各类烈性毒药。如铊、氰化物、砒霜等。   (七)各类麻醉药物。如鸦片(包括罂粟壳、花、苞、叶)、吗啡、可卡因、海洛因、大麻、冰毒、麻黄素及其它制品等。   (八)各类生化制品和传染性物品。如炭疽、危险性病菌、医药用废弃物等。   (九)各种危害国家安全和社会政治稳定以及淫秽的出版物、宣传品、印刷品等。   (十)各种妨害公共卫生的物品。如尸骨、动物器官、肢体、未经硝制的兽皮、未经药制的兽骨等。   (十一)国家法律、法规、行政规章明令禁止流通、寄递或进出境的物品,如国家秘密文件和资料、国家货币及伪造的货币和有价证券、仿真武器、管制刀具、珍贵文物、濒危野生动物及其制品等。   (十二)包装不妥,可能危害人身安全、污染或者损毁其他寄递件、设备的物品等。   (十三)各寄达国(地区)禁止寄递进口的物品等。   (十四)其他禁止寄递的物品。   本报记者李佳 注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 民警巡逻查获管制刀具 商家居然不知违法相关的主题文章: