Xiamen subway stop last night to restore the main roads completed yesterday cancam

Xiamen subway enclosure tonight recovered yesterday the main roads installed Taiwan network September 19th news (Strait Herald reporter correspondent Sun Chunyan       Li Linda   Shen Weitu) typhoon "Meranti" after crossing the Xiamen subway construction site is "devastated", 69 thousand meters Weidang damaged, the activities of the board but also to some extent damaged. Herald reporter learned that Xiamen subway construction units have been full invested reconstruction along the main road yesterday, the enclosure installation is complete within 5 days, returned to the building. Yesterday morning, the Herald reporter visited the part of the Road North Hubin Road, Cai Tong, software park, 1 subway line 2 subway station has been restored, found that most of the construction Weidang, some stations have been completed or are in construction Weidang inkjet printing. The transfer station of Wuyuan Bay subway station in the Metro Line 2, line 3, the station site around a circle erected a new enclosure neat, the workers are for maintenance of the pile construction. Orbital Group Engineering, said Huang Jianyong, two, from May this year began drilling pile construction, the project has now completed a total of 40%. Over the past few days, more than 300 workers stepped up construction, to overcome the impact of typhoon. "We are now in construction and gradually return to work, involving electricity, electricity workers are to check the safety of the line, make sure that the power in the afternoon when the power line is safe and will not cause the loss of the equipment and the number of secondary disasters". As of 12 noon yesterday, Metro Line 1 of the town to the sea and other 13 sites and the interval enclosure and spray mount has been completed; torch Park Station 5 site Weidang has been completed, printing is being restored. Metro Line 2 Jianye Road 4 site Weidang and printing completed; sports center station 9 stations and the interval enclosure has been completed, printing is hanging in. The island is expected, the rest section along the main road enclosure, yesterday night all the restoration is complete, the island section enclosure plan will be fully restored today night. Rail group has deployed on 1, 2, 3, 4 lines were all site safety inspection and approval prior to resumption, yesterday began to recover in September 21st before construction, returned to the subway construction. The bus section of the mountain pine soil     part of the line is not restored by "Meranti", yesterday, some bus lines have not returned to normal operations. By road Xiao Ping mountain road, 614 road and 614 road no recovery interval. 710 Road, Xiangan District, Doumen Fang Yang Village Road is not yet restored. 600 Road, 606 Road, 632 Road, 633 Road, 637 Road, with 1 lines, 7 lines with 2 line on the day before yesterday to resume operation, but due to heavy rain, resulting in line passing through the section of the mountain soil loose, there is a risk that has been suspended. The recovery of the island along the part of the site has yet to power, safety and security of passengers and passengers in XiaMen North Railway Station last night, 6 points, 1 line, 6 line fast fast does not stop at Chengyi College Station, University City station, station, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of industrial station, Tian CuO station, bus time constant. In addition, the fast 2 line, fast line after the last stop at 7 o’clock last night after the operation of 5. Fast 3 lines.相关的主题文章: