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Wu Xi: from our foot back a bit tired Guangzhou hot effect [collection] Hengda 1-1 Suning GalAT Teixeira broke the November 20th Guangzhou sports Tencent (the Savior Li Xu Zeng Xiao) 2016 China FA Cup final first leg, Jiangsu Suning 1 1 draw hengda. Captain Wu Xi believes that this result is not what advantage, but compared to before the semi-final with Shenhua, "when the team against rival mentality better." Suning captain Wu Xi this super league games between the top two face-to-face confrontation, Hengda early to enter the state, Gaolatedi shot 9 minute opener. In the first half, regardless of the number of times or the number of times the threat of attack, most of them occupy a significant advantage. At the beginning of the second half, with Zhang Xiaobin Xie Pengfei to replace cuilong zhu. Sixty-fourth minutes, Yang Xiaotian cross from the left, Hengda defender headed the ball to rescue mistakes directly in front of the door, Teixeira insert close range header succeeded, Suning equalised. Since then, both sides have the chances to score all failed, 1 more than a score of 1 to maintain the end. After the game, Wu Xi, captain of Suning, was interviewed in the mixed zone. For the first half at a disadvantage, Wu Xi admitted that the players on their own regulation on the issue, and the hot weather in Guangzhou is also the impact of the reasons. "The first half played well, first of all, we certainly did not do their best to play some of the disorder, the objective of the hot weather in Guangzhou has also caused some distress." Wu Xi said, "through the intermission, the coach and the layout of the second half we encourage more initiative to support and defend, it should be said that the scene has been greatly improved." FA Cup final, Hengda in order to achieve full slam season, Suning is rushing to defend the title, the intensity of the field can be imagined. In the conference after the constant contest, Scolari for the players on the field of Suning action questioned, that beyond the scope of the game. In this game, the referee showed 7 yellow cards to both sides, 4 of them to the team. "After all is final, we hope to win on the pitch, a fierce scraping action is also normal." Just after the national team task, from the plateau down immediately so fierce competition, even the willpower and fighting spirit has always been known for Wu Xi also admitted that "some physical fatigue, probably from the plateau to the plain is there will be some impact." The FA Cup in 60 years, no team had won the complete, compared with last year’s final is much more pressure? Wu Xi replied: "regardless of the score or how the scene, we will use a calm state of mind to face. Before against Luneng in backward time particularly anxious, playing away Shenhua pressure is very large, when it came to Guangzhou third years playing in the finals, the mentality is better." 1 to score of 1, holding the away goal, but in Wu Xi seems to be no advantage, because there is a result of such a person who has no more advantage. The strength of the opponent is very strong, anything can happen, so we still have to do their best to prepare for the next game."相关的主题文章: