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WTA Quebec station Bouchard was swept the top eight seed masters play value The whole army was wiped out. Yan Bouchard walking on the beach is too sweet Bouchard upset out of Canada, Quebec city – September 15th local time, the 2016 season of Quebec National Bank Cup tennis tournament on the women’s singles second round contest, top seed, local darling Bouchard state in the doldrums, with 2-6 3-6 after losing to Russia player Kudrya J Tsai Va, missed the women’s singles quarter finals, so far, the first eight seed The whole army was wiped out. failed to reach the quarterfinals. Kudrya J Tsai Va’s singles ranked highest in the world at once came to the fifty-sixth, the good doubles this season in the singles arena also show a good competitive state, in the clay court season Strasbourg station among the eight, Rodgers cup playing from qualifying harvest three game winning streak. The indoor stadium in Quebec in the face of local elder sister Bouchard, Kudrya J Tsai Va outstanding performance, the game was even under seven, eventually took only one hour and three minutes to two sets will be the number one seed eliminated. After the game, Kudrya J Tsai Va admitted: because I do not often in Russia training, so the opportunity to play in the indoor stadium a lot less. But I did well this week and played two doubles games, which helped me adapt quickly to the court and gradually returned to the normal pace of the tour. The tour is different from the Grand Slam, your two rounds of singles matches, and not so long rest time." Russian girl against American athlete Davies in 1/4 finals, the two sides had three meetings, Delia J Tsai Va library are defeated party. "It was a terrible game for me. I lost to her every time. However, every week is a new week, every game is also new, the venue type is new…… Well, I admit we did have an experience at the indoor stadium." "But I’ve been enjoying the singles game and it’s a great win. I hope to play better tomorrow, I believe that if I can play well, the game is a chance." On Thursday, several other games, the French teenager 6-4 6-4 beat dodding Vickery, occupation career for the first time in the WTA tournament quarterfinals; Belgian van 6-4 6-3 Ukraine Ivan grams out lucky loser J de Vekova; late in the last match, American girl Pegula 7-6 (2) 7-5 beat local rookie Banda o, won the final 1/4 seats in the final.相关的主题文章: