Woman tracing honor ten years ago about the police to help them realize their dreams. steam_api.dll

Woman tracing honor ten years ago sister about the police efforts to help them realize their dreams of 85 year old Qiu Taipo, who lives in Wuhan, because of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, after 10 years of repeated treatment, her illness, but she was not at home for too long, she actually wants to do is cash tracing, and brother missed 10 years agreed. Eleven holidays, while family vacation, she and his family a line of 10 people came to Yichang to start tracing the journey, finally completed the wish for many years. Qiu Taipo and his brother is half brother of childhood, but her love, she later married to Wuhan, has been from the. Until 10 years ago, and the eldest brother Qiu Taipo had agreed to meet in Wuhan, do not want to close when they meet, but she suffered a brain hemorrhage, was dying, rushed to hospital treatment. Repeatedly, flash is 10 years, the siblings agreed therefore delays. Later, because the eldest brother and family contact multiple transformation, and even moved home, so although Qiu woman let his son to Yichang to find, but has not been found, the two have never met. Qiu Taipo has said that his biggest wish is to see the eldest brother or eldest brother’s loved ones in his lifetime. In this way, the family would like to complete the wishes of the elderly in this holiday, a group of 10 people drove from Wuhan to Yichang. Their goal is to find the memory of the Zhejiang Road, Xiling District, Zhejiang Road, passing of night but 10 years, already was the demolition, searched to no avail, one family went to College Street police station. Deputy director Du Jun is on duty, after listening to the story of the old man looked at her trembling, her experience of embarrassment and desire, immediately put tracing work. After more than 2 hours, the police mechanized platform careful comparison, Du Junxian is the eldest brother and his wife lady Qiu found no household registration information, followed by screening from more than and 50 people, son of Wang’s brother to find information, then contact Du Jun Tucheng Road community grid member, was removed to find Wang’s phone. Wang Du Jun told the hearing, confirmed that Qiu Taipo is more than 10 years did not meet the aunt, then he and his son happily Renqin rushed to the police station. See the white haired nephew, brother and sister-in-law heard have died, Qiu woman in tears, holding his nephew excited incoherently, then two people continue to leave the police station. Before leaving, the police repeatedly thanked the family two. Sweep code big Chu Yichang, to understand the latest local information!相关的主题文章: