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Williams: defending champion is an additional incentive to continue to strengthen women’s tennis Williams sina sports Beijing on September 25th news, Wuhan as the defending champion, Williams finally today for this competition be long in coming, expectation, she expressed a wish to have as good as last year’s luck, will do their best to play as good as last year the performance of. The arrival of the Asian season means that a year’s game is coming to an end, the outstanding performance of the players will participate in the year-end finals and the impact. At present, to Singapore standings Williams in thirteenth, when asked whether he would use this as the goal when she bluntly said: "in fact, this is not a goal, just try to play the game. Now is the end of the season, so try to give this season strong ending, then rest for a period of time, this is my goal." The defending champion represents the players here last year and achieved very good performance, probably for some players it will become a pressure for Williams it is more of a motivation. "Frankly, when you have a lot of good results in a tournament rather than a negative result, I think it gives you extra motivation." Williams said, "come to the game and I feel a lot of positive factors. But everyone is doing well and it won’t be an easy game. I mean, there’s no easy game here." Asia because of its geographical location, for many from the Americas, Europe participating players to overcome many difficulties, such as long-distance flight, jet lag and so on, but Williams said to participate in the top competition itself will make players willing to solve these problems. "These top events are the biggest motivation for the players, and when we come here, it must be for the goal. Compared to Europe and Australia, it is difficult to fly from the United states. But maybe it’s just my own opinion, not all the players. We need to work hard to get here, it’s our responsibility, because it’s a goal for everyone at this time of year." After so many years of development, tennis has become an influential movement in the development prospects about women’s tennis when Williams proudly said: "now is the women’s tennis is one of the most popular sport in the world, I think we have done well in the future should strive to grow and do better." For the rapid development of Asian Tennis in recent years, and become an important part of the tour, she also said that a large part of this is due to Li Na. (Jco.H)相关的主题文章: