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Why do some people listen to the Buddha tears? The sound energy Buddha touched our good roots (map): Wen Hui heart when listening to some people, the Buddha, will be moved to tears, what is the reason? The Buddha said to us, is the Buddha voice touched his good roots. He will have this phenomenon, to prove his past life is Buddhist, and good. Why shed tears today? He had a bad time in his life, but he didn’t get it. He was lucky enough to meet him again. Sometimes, we read the Bible, the Buddha, appear even the hair on the back of the phenomenon, in this situation, don’t be afraid, it is also good to touch the root. Mr. Huang Nianzu told me that he wrote "wuliangshoujing" notes, not only will burst into tears, there have been many hair raising, not once. Now, the hair on the back, really hard, the number, there will be different, this is the case, will encounter. We read the Scripture, suddenly open heart Italy solution, suddenly understand, understand when "hair raising", or moved to tears. This is your past life "was a Buddhist," your health in the past have practice, once done this Buddha Famennian, so you are not human. Mortals are ordinary people, ordinary people living in the past is not learned, he has no good roots; have good roots, in a past life of one of the good roots, the seeds will be touched. The seed is touched, it will play an active role. What role do? For the Pure Land Sect can letter, wish, to chanting buddhist. The Buddha told us, "the Buddha sound, touch our good roots, we encounter this life mantra, the first wonderful method, is indeed a rare one, as long as we are willing to study hard, in this life can achieve, can always take off to do the Buddha reincarnation, Elysian Fields. WeChat search on [] easily focus on Buddhism Buddhist Tencent WeChat public no..相关的主题文章: