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UnCategorized With the festive season nicely behind us there is a chance to reflect upon all the lovely gifts that Santa’s little helpers dropped down the chimney for us well behaved boys and girls. With techno-gifts galore, I was intrigued to find out which gaming manufacturer won the hearts, and contents of wallets thanks to the helpful nature of gaming reviews. Would the Nintendo DS be the choice du jour or would the PSP be the must have hand held console that people wanted to find in the annual stocking. More interestingly, I wondered which of the big boys was going to top the charts; would it be the Xbox 360 or would it be the Wii. The ads are always a classic giveaway, and it was obvious that the Xbox and the Wii were going head to head, although to .pletely different markets. Nintendo, in both the Wii adverts and the DS ads are aiming their products at a family market, promising hours of fun with everyone from the tiniest toddler to the grumpiest granddads including the most annoying of celebrities too. Between Nicole Kidman and Ronan Keating we were assured that not only could we train our brain to be smarter than a ten year old, but we would be emulating the celebrity lifestyle whilst we did. Either that, or it was trying to show us that the celebrities are just like us, and rather than go for a walk in the freezing cold, they prefer to stare at yet another screen in an attempt to have fun. Luckily, gaming reviews are a lot less intrusive than star studded adverts, and you can pretty much find out what you want from people that are actually interested in the technology. If the likes of Kidman, Keating and Girls Aloud tell us that their most favourite pastime is looking after a cyber puppy, we are hard pressed to believe them, surely being really rich and famous offers up better opportunities for defeating boredom that playing on a DS. Something like jet-skiing in the Caribbean for example. Whereas if some spotty Herbert, apologies for the sweeping generalisation of a long-gone stereotype, tells us that Gears of War 2 is the best thing since Pamela Anderson, we are inclined to believe that he’s probably been playing the game non-stop for at least 48 hours and is genuinely impressed. I think that is where the adverts go wrong. Rather than presenting us with a faux scenario of family fun, they should portray the type of people that really do get sucked into games consoles. It may not be the type of image they want to portray, but it will appeal to the gaming masses and have the same popularity as a gaming review. Having watched anyone actually seventeen hours into a game, such as the classic Doom, the vacant yet intense expression is worthy of being the sole focus of a thirty second advert. .pared to the fake coos of delight mustered by the children of past-it pop stars, the pasty masses that are locked away in darkened rooms are a much more surreal and interesting subject for marketing a product. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: