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White haired blue Hitomi behind the unexamined is racism and cultural self-confidence? "City of fantasy" poster "nine sky" has ended, "-" broadcast 1/3. I believe we have long been accustomed to the two plays have white hair, white skin, blue eyes. But why is there such a setting? White hair, pale skin, blue eyes of William Feng in order to maximize the consumption of blue pupil inventory? In order to answer this question, I have to do something that other people are not willing to do, to compare the similarities and differences between the Chinese and American two. "Nine sky" tells the story of the Terran and host war stories, there is no support for the new IP works of fiction. This drama host Princess Snow Feishuang exclusive to Yuhuang love and Demons made a deal, eventually lost love and white hair. And meet the aspirations of the witch magic snow Feishuang bone flower is white hair. "Nine sky" the snow in the sky "Feishuang" nine in Yuhuang love this thing itself is bald, "jade Russian" lianni Chang (snow Feishuang name and she is of the same paragraph) bead front, it is not what fresh. And lianni Chang is the best local, Zhuo encouraged by the people pulling side, let lianni Chang heart, love and hate, night bald. And it’s not just the white hair. This has become the appearance of love or love figure, ah, do not love the ultimate soul torture. Feishuang and snow white hair, COSPLAY is a form only, what she loves is not more than the degree of junior high school girls love to get my hair cut. As for the bone flowers, said the story from Yang Cheng emperor female nine hundred and ninety-nine female to die totale, blood bath, after become a demon, the hair covering, never see the sun. Later known Fagui, hair female, also known as evil Menji or ghost 1000 ji. But Yang Cheng emperor then flowers, daughter all over the world, his daughter became a ghost? I couldn’t find it. Only to find the song "flower" and the bone network two as the name of the network novel, a write write a Xiuluo Princess revenge, history, all cannot do without the ghost, "bone." three words to name but chic witch. In general, the two "white haired girl in the sky" Kyushu is not what to say, in two and the disease did not want to see more, vulgar, back to the root of Wu Zixu is nothing more than the night bald, Amakusa four Lang trapped underground was excessive. White haired ghost avatar. It is a "-" ice, popular and have a unique style. Mention "-" not mentioned comics. As a codeword for ordinary workers, "-" Clamp "and the representative of Saint -" disputes are still visible before the eyes. So to say with a wig and piled up the pupil urban aesthetic, the total may still have to think about is from Ginza where home cowboy shop? "Saint -" in "tradition" in Garuda King Indra and Garuda King’s hair color is white. The former white hair because it is too long to live. This and the Hong Kong man in "Indra", the first evil emperor and later the magic of "human – dominated, the injustice League God" Jose in the white hair is a reason to live long. Garuda King sister art beauty, symbol is the moon bird, apparently considering the female identity specially in the negative.相关的主题文章: