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"We have come to the" devotion to record the scene Baotuan tears ran Sohu entertainment   "we have come to the" Sohu Nanshenanfen entertainment news Friday evening 20:20 will usher in the Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" wrap station, this program ten guests enjoy each other together when the light, Joe Chen, Karen Mok, Carina Lau has sent the elaborate gifts, but a cry of the sisters. Wang Han is several times to showing the true temperament, and ridicule Carina Lau and Tony Leung for the benefit of the other brothers and sisters. Is the upcoming departure rendering, we tacitly appears more cherish each other. Farewell, they broke out which treasured private words? What is the story behind the gift? Jiang Yiyan all stars are expected to follow the object in Xu Jiao’s wrap station to record virtually added a bit sad, on the table with the stars. Carina Lau to Jiang Yiyan revealing: "if I am a man, I will chase you, they invariably nodded," love "have the opportunity to express feelings. Carina Lau said in the recording process will steal a glance at Jiang Yiyan manners, and was deeply impressed by her unique "sexy" impressed by the scene, also imitate weekdays Jiang Yiyan had changed the old image, opened a joke and finally forget his comrades, please go to the Hongkong home and promised to Jeanzav personally help. Xu Jiao is to take the opportunity to express the voice of the six stations, has been working hard to integrate into the collective, so many topics want to pick up, to the end she felt as long as we can be together. Xu Jiao, the youngest of the ten guests, is known for her efforts in the show, and her talent in the film has been recognized by her predecessors. Carina Lau, Karen Mok and Joe Chen have expressed the hope that they can cheer for Xu Jiao, and said the character size in hope to work at the same time, such a powerful lineup also let Xu Jiao feel the pressure of the full power. Gifts all cry together, Joe Chen lamented the departure to Karen Mok and Carina Lau respectively in the absence of already sent gift, Joe Chen carefully prepared for a very practical cup. One by one Joe Chen gift and embrace three months of his comrades, reluctant to leave, reluctant to finally suggest friendship, everyone can not bear this three months of honest. Send to send, also cry tears. Karen Mok will be careful to members of the photos made cards, and in the above efforts are not very good Chinese one wrote the real feelings. The camera recorded their three months of exposure, which showed the moment she hoped the members would keep for three months. Members are reluctant to move at the eyes from the picture is full of memories. It is a season of parting, recalled the first season, Sheenah for this season filled with a thousand regrets, but don’t give up, say good together and don’t know when. Between meals, Joe Chen is more than tears, like a child clinging to Carina Lau. Desert with its vast expanse of the past tell people what is generous, what is to share what is friendship. "We have come to the" to pull down the curtain, this week in this mysterious land will produce what love story? Please accept!相关的主题文章: