Watch Jeremy with tactical training will not support board missed 5 straight (video)

Watch: Jeremy with tactical training will not support board missed 5 straight [Jeremy Lin] field match footage blue glasses suit all Harvard bookish Tencent in November 9th Broolyn (sports news from Owen in November 4th) the nets away Detroit game in the second quarter, Jeremy Lin accidentally left leg injury on the spot back to the locker room, after the nets announced Jeremy Lin will miss the next two weeks to two weeks after the game, once again the injury assessment. After Broolyn returned to New York, the nets are specially in a home court against Sherlock Hornets before Jeremy Lin’s injury held a conference to illustrate Jeremy Lin’s status. In an interview with him when he recalled the scene after the game said: "I tried another two or three rounds, until I realized that I can not remain in the field to play the role of the i. So…… Just like this." In the nets tonight against Minnesota forest wolf before the game, the Nets coach Atkins told reporters: "Jeremy Lin is still recovering from the specific circumstances, to wait until a week after the review will know." But then Atkins also said that I hope to recover as soon as possible after the injury to return to the field to make their own contribution to the. After the pre match press conference reporters through the nets PR get news, now Jeremy Lin’s injury has not progressed so much, all have to wait until a week after the results of the review to judge, but in recent days, Jeremy Lin also did not participate in the training team. The next five nets game will be on the road, this reporter also learned from the PR team, Jeremy Lin will not travel to the five road games now still no news, if the news will be the first time to inform you. Because the nets game tonight is Broolyn blue night. Jeremy Lin very occasional wearing a pair of blue frame glasses and dressed in a gray suit with the gray blue shirt tonight. It is worth mentioning that Jeremy Lin has been playing the game after the start of the board, and in the course of each team in the course of the discussion with the coaches and teammates tactics. Although personally contribute their energy in this game is not possible, but Jeremy Lin after a wonderful goal every one of his teammates are the first time to stand up for his teammates cheer. With the score from the start of the game has been very anxious, suspense until the last minute, Broolyn finally the home court narrowly to 119-110 to win the third this season home court victory. When the final whistle sounded, the audience also stepped on and win a tactical board Jeremy Lin with teammates hug one by one clap to celebrate the victory of the home court field not easily won. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: