Wanda indirect response bribery incident the relevant personnel punished yvette yates

Indirect Bribery: Wanda Wanda Group responded so far although there is no positive respond on the matter of the relevant personnel punishment [Abstract], but yesterday in the official website to hang out an internal document, the content of cold transfer gold, the decision of Han Yuqiu Washington (reporter Zhang Qin) according to earlier from Liaoning Province, Benxi city intermediate the people’s Court of Liaoning Province, the former Dalian Municipal Committee, Dalian Changxing Island economic and Technological Development Zone, former Secretary of the Party Working Committee, the CMC director of the Jincheng bribery case has been closed, the accepting property amounting to a total of 22 million 210 thousand yuan in bribes, sentenced to 13 years imprisonment and fined 2 million yuan. In its bribery list, a number of well-known enterprises among them, including Wanda started in Dalian. So far, although there is no direct Wanda Group to respond on the matter, but yesterday in the official website to hang out an internal document, the content of cold transfer gold, Han Yuqiu the decision, because the two people in 2008 and 2009 two unauthorized misappropriation of company funds 300 thousand District Dalian city Xigang District, from the former mayor, party secretary jincheng. Since it is the form of internal documents, Wanda did not have more information on the matter to the public. According to the court after the verdict, Jincheng during his tenure, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others, accepting bribes amounting to a total of 22 million 210 thousand yuan, guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan. Which involves Wanda charge is around 2007 to 2009 Jincheng had the use of his office for the Dalian Wanda in enterprise restructuring, business development assistance. Thanks to the cold pass then served as Dalian Wanda real estate company manager is to provide help, in 2008 and 2009 respectively from the company’s financial accounts removed 300 thousand yuan to jincheng. Special emphasis on the internal disciplinary file open in Wanda in yesterday, recently some media group is in Jincheng bribery case published publicly reported that when he was the general manager of Dalian Wanda Commercial Company Leng Chuanjin and vice president of finance Han Yuqiu in 2008 and 2009 two unauthorized use of company funds 300 thousand yuan bribe the Dalian District of Xigang City, the former mayor, Party Secretary of the jincheng. Wanda said that the serious violation of the group’s financial provisions of the transfer of funds, misappropriation of corporate funds misappropriation of bribery, the matter has brought serious negative impact on the group, the main responsibility. At the same time, the group has always been the implementation of financial vertical management, Han Yuqiu, as deputy chief financial officer in the case of the group did not report to the financial center with the unauthorized transfer of funds misappropriated funds, but also has a direct responsibility. To this end, the group decided to remove the cold transfer Wanda Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd chief engineer, to terminate the labor contract, given that Han Yuqiu has retired, no additional administrative sanctions. At the same time, Wanda Group Board of directors decided to temporarily freeze two people held in Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate shares stopped two equity dividends, and instructed the Group Audit Center immediately rushed to the Dalian company, carries on the investigation to the cold, Han duo and Dalian company’s financial situation, according to the survey results of further sanctions. It is understood that the lifting of the labor contract is the transfer of gold in Wanda during the start-up period of the old staff, former director Wanda, and in 200.相关的主题文章: