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Visitors at pure play group was forced to buy 9000 yuan shopping jade return no original title: visitors at pure play group was forced to purchase 9000 yuan jade suspected false returns no data figure. Ren Haixia agency issued photo Beijing, Guangzhou, September 22, (Xu Qingqing) Ms. Zhu from Jiangxi for Hong Kong and Macao pure play group in Ctrip Travel Online, but is scheduled to arrive in Zhuhai shopping tour in Zhuhai, bought more than 9 thousand dollars after the suspected fake jade, so far no return. 22, Guangdong Province, the Consumer Council (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Council") to inform the media, recently, the Jiangxi Consumer Council complaints to Guangdong Province, Ms. Zhu said, the mother at the beginning of August in the city of Shenzhen tourism online newspaper Dynasty International Travel Service Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Royal International Travel Agency") in Hong Kong and Macao 6 days the 5 night tour with the group, pure play group. But the departure of the day of the travel agency will Miss Zhu two arrangements with the shopping group together, this is not a shopping trip was forced shopping. Ms. Zhu also said that according to the itinerary of the trip in Hongkong, Disney should be a day, but the morning was asked to join the tour guide members of the shopping group to go shopping. The tour guide to see Ms. Zhu did not encourage the intention of shopping when they go shopping, under Ms. Zhu reluctantly agreed to buy, buy after a little regret will be goods, refund process and guide unpleasant, to guide directly to Ms. Zhu and his mother baggage car to let two people go to Disney. Before leaving, the tour guide and used a set of Disney memorabilia, not to buy things in the shopping place, at least to buy the souvenirs, equal to tour tips. But Ms. Zhu has already given the cost of 350 yuan per person in the newspaper group (customs clearance fees and daily tour guides, drivers tips). Ms. Zhu said, the morning of the fourth day trip from Hongkong to Macao, the tour guide said that on the day before the start of notification to Macao travel time, but in the evening at eight or nine Ms. Zhu also did not receive notice, after the last was asked several people that set time. The bus to Macao, a car tourists were told to turn off mobile phone, then the tour began forcing tourists to buy souvenirs, and threatened not to buy if you find someone to solve, and can not take the family as the unit to buy, everyone must buy, do not buy things not to. According to Ms. Zhu original the last day of the trip is to return, but the tour guide did not inform the mission of the group and go shopping together, so unknowingly Ms. Zhu and his mother also follow the guide to Zhuhai, in the Zhuhai shopping trip Ms. Zhu purchased 9000 yuan jade jade shop on the way back, but Ms. Zhu found jade certificate and identification are false, then asked the driver and tour guide told the store address, was rejected. Home after Ms. Zhu asked the travel agency to help return, travel agents do not know the grounds of the store will not be processed. Guangdong Provincial Council received a complaint, many times with the Royal International Travel Agency, but it has not yet been resolved. Currently, the case is still in the follow-up process. Guangdong provincial council said that the case has been reported to the Guangdong provincial tourism authorities, according to the law and relevant institutions and personnel. (end) responsibility editor: 6相关的主题文章: