Valuing love and valuing righteousness! Andy Lau was privately funded by a violent

Valuing love and valuing righteousness! Andy Lau had traced privately funded raped actress Andy Lau (data plan) Hongkong king Andy Lau since his debut 30 years, friendly image is a fan of praise for "God", good man. He is very moral, as long as the friends around, it will help. And in the same year "beautiful Mount Wutai" (Mount Wutai refers to Hongkong’s 5 big TV station) Yammie Nam, down to begging point, there are rumors that Andy Lau had generous support her 100 thousand Hong Kong dollars (about 86 thousand yuan). Yammie Nam (data plan) Hongkong actress Yammie Nam was 20 years old when his debut, because of the beautiful appearance, immediately became the most popular and touted rookie, but career is not smooth, even in the 1 were invited to the goings, Hongkong film actor rape. But she didn’t call the police, she went to see the doctor silently, the other side did not apologize to her, then fade out of the performing arts circle, also had been photographed begging in the street. The network spread rumors, heavy friendship famous Liu Dehua knew the news, then shot aid HK $10 million (about 8.6 million yuan), hope she can out of this life, did not think the money was stolen, so users can not help but sigh "is really very painful".