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Uses the world cup Doha station on the first day of record breaking 50 Li Xiang Hoth four crown horse frog progenitor progenitor (map) sina sports news Beijing time on October 9th morning, the 2016 fina short course World Cup Doha races at the end of the first day of the competition, the Hungarian player Hosszu continued to show an overwhelming attitude, the first day of competition harvest four crown a. Chinese contestants harvest two silver. Li Xiang in the men’s 50 meter breaststroke in the 71 to 26 seconds broke the national record of Li Xiayan. Still in the women’s 200 horse progenitor since the opening, she with 1 minutes 53 seconds 29 won the Australian player Grover J to 1 points 54 seconds 46 runner up, Hungary’s Jaca Bose to 1 minutes and 54 seconds 67 column third. Then Hosszu and 26 seconds to get the women’s champion in the top 50, Ukraine’s second runner up to get the second runner up in the second place, the Chinese player to get a second in the 27 seconds of third to get to the top of the world cup in the world, with a total of more than $38 in the first half of the year, with a total of more than $01 in the second place in the world. In the second place, the. The third women’s 200 crown is mixed, Hoss with 2 points 05 seconds 77 progenitor won the championship of Russia, Efimova to 2 points 07 seconds 29 runner up, 2 minutes and 08 seconds to Perth Jaca 42 third. The fourth women’s 800 crown, Joe Hoss with 8 points 27 seconds 58 won the championship, China player Yi Fang with 8 points 30 seconds 29 runner up, 8 minutes and 31 seconds to Perth Jaca 27 third. Brazil’s Lima in 26 seconds 14 won the men’s 50 frog champion, South Africa’s Zor Ji in 26 seconds, 47 runner up, Chinese contestant Li Xiang by 26 seconds 71 won the third, he broke the creation of Li Xiayan in the 2011 World Cup short Beijing Railway Station 26 seconds on the 75 national record. Mixed 4 times 50 mixed, the Russian team to 1 minutes 40 seconds 77 won the championship, Li Xiang, Zhang Jiaqi, Cheng Hai and Jiang Sheng composed of China team with 1 minutes 42 seconds 18 won the runner up, the French team with 1 points 45 seconds 26 won third. In other men’s game, Morozov to 45 seconds to get the men’s 100 from the championship, and he won the second man in the second place with 51 mixed champion of 100 times in 75. Japan’s Seto O in 1 minutes 49 seconds 84 won the men’s 200 meters butterfly champion, and in 4 minutes 02 seconds 39 won the men’s 400 mixed championship. Australia’s Holly to 50 seconds 20 won the men’s 100 meter backstroke champion, South Africa’s Brown to 3 minute 39 seconds 78 won the men’s championship since 400. Germany’s Koch to 2 minute 02 seconds 13 won the men’s 200 metre breaststroke champion. South Africa’s Le Close 36 seconds to win the men’s 50 butterfly champion in 22. Jamaica’s Atkinson to 1 minute 03 seconds 18 won the women’s 100 meters breaststroke champion. Denmark’s Ottesen to 55 seconds 93 won the women’s 100 meters butterfly champion, Joe Hoss to 56 seconds 03 runner up. Ottesen with 23 seconds 84 won the women’s championship since 50, the only fourth horse progenitor. (Wei Meng)相关的主题文章: