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The Champions League – Neymar assists Messi scored the first half 1-1 Barcelona Manchester Manchester temporary flat half 1-1 temporary flat Barcelona sina sports news Beijing time at 03:45 on November 2nd (UK local time 1 19:45), 201617 Champions League game in the fourth day group C a focus on war to compete at the Etihad stadium, Manchester City home court against Barcelona. Manchester City last round of fighting Barcelona 4 ball fiasco, had 5 times against the negative do strive. The same round compared to Manchester City, Caballero replaced the suspended Bravo Aguero starting out of rotation. Barcelona also made changes, Sergi, Roberto and Gomes played D. This is Messi’s 100th Champions League first round, the two sides after the opening are the biggest midfield control. Digne’s tactical foul against Stryn, Fernand Dini O Philaquitic, two per capita verbal warning. Eleventh minutes, Aguero Mascherano right in low speed to get rid of the edge of the area within Stryn, umm titi defense fall, the referee that Manchester City winger diving to give a yellow card, Manchester City fans booed dissatisfaction. Rakiti Feichan gundogan has also been booked. Stryn diving controversy twenty-first minutes ahead of Barcelona, Barcelona after rescue corner back, left Neymar pass, Messi 12 yards tuishe the bottom left corner. This is his seventh Champions League goals this season. Beijing’s lack of long-range threat. Barcelona in the back of the patient to fight back, Gomes pass, the left side of the penalty area on the left side of the deflected shot hit the edge of the network in. Thirty-fifth minutes, Manchester free kick, the edge of the area Gomes volley was blocked, then Messi left the restricted area pass pad, Suarez edge of the area to head wide. Messi goal Suarez restricted the right shot was blocked by stones. Manchester City thirty-ninth minutes to tie the score, Sergi – Roberto cross backcourt turnovers, Aguero and Stryn cross, gundogan small edge of the area unguarded tongshe network, 1-1. Silva left the restricted area pass, but Phil Nandy Neo 12 yards away just wide of the far corner. Manchester City (4-2-3-1):13- Caballero; 5- 30- Zabaleta, however, 24- 11- Kolarov; 8- stones, gundogan, 25- Phil Nandy Neo; 7- Stryn, 17- de Blau Hei, 21- Silva; 10- Aguero of Barcelona (4-3-3):1- teershite; Sergi 20- Roberto, 14- Mascherano, 23- 19- Digne; titi umm, 4- Rakiti. 5- Busquets, 21- Gomes; 10- Messi, 9- Suarez, Neymar 11-相关的主题文章: