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The two man stealing electric car 1 hours after being intercepted: vehicle equipped with the new GPS equipment – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Chang Xin) two men quickly fled the scene after the theft of electric vehicles, but the stolen vehicle equipped with GPS positioning equipment. Tongzhou police received the alarm, check the car GPS trajectory, all the way to track the suspect arrested an hour. Reporter yesterday learned that the two robber has been detained. In October 9th this year at 17:50 PM, Tongzhou Public Security Bureau police station received Master Cheng Bei yuan police said, he stopped at the roadside on the east side of Beiyuan Wanda Plaza, a grey red electric bike stolen, GPS positioning equipment with his car. After receiving the alarm, police rushed to the scene. It is understood that in February this year, Mr. Zheng in the purchase of electric vehicles, in order to prevent the theft of vehicles to spend 300 yuan to buy a set of GPS positioning equipment, but the equipment brand model can not remember, and they have never been used to install the application software. Time is tight, the police immediately let Mr. Zheng and GPS equipment vendors get in touch, find their own account and password to buy GPS devices, and use the phone login positioning system to view the car trajectory. The positioning system showed that the stolen vehicle along the Beijing fast roads east to West road. Police immediately with the consul to drive along the track of the GPS track all the way. In the Beijing fast roads eight Bridge toll station on the west side, the police found a man riding electric car the victim continues westward. At the same time, there is a man driving a motorcycle with the suspect after a previous close to the same direction, so the judge may two gang crime. The police decisively stepped forward to intercept, two suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled police rushed off after a few tens of meters, after two people arrested. Upon review, the suspect Liu, Humou confessed to the police, in the process of committing the crime, two clear division of labor, one of them holding a homemade tool lock, another lookout cover. Currently two people suspected of theft has been Tongzhou police criminal detention, the case is under further work. Police advise the public to park the vehicle in a sitting place, choose high quality locks or install GPS positioning equipment, once found the stolen vehicle should immediately report to the police.相关的主题文章: