Trump was elected by the Canadian Immigration Bureau website applicants tumbled doat

Trump was elected by the Canadian Immigration Bureau website applicants packed in new network on 9 November, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. presidential election vote counting is being carried out. According to several media statistics, the current Republican presidential candidate Trump dominated the election. Although still not sure trump will eventually elected, but because he has always been a tough immigration policy, its leading momentum has an impact on the situation of immigrants in the United states. A large number of people eager to leave the United States to Canada, a surge of applicants have caused the Canadian immigration website crash. Reported that, due to the large influx of immigrant, Immigration Canada website has been tumbled". Typically, applicants will choose to apply for residence in Canada after entering the official website page, or apply to become a Canadian citizen. But now, people have been unable to enter the site. At present, Trump had a good, several U.S. media votes according to the statistics, the leading Democratic candidate Hilary Trump. The United States "New York Times" said that Trump’s lack of victory from voting at the beginning of the 4 rate soared to 95%. Trump is known for his tough stance on immigration. He advocated the expulsion of illegal immigrants in the United States, the current president Obama to halt the illegal immigration amnesty administrative order, as well as the immigration of the maximum security review, etc.. Among them, he put in the Mexican border "wall" project, caused widespread controversy in the United States and neighboring Mexico.相关的主题文章: