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Trump campaign in China registered trademarks of Sohu – batch of press in the United States Republican Donald Trump won the election, was elected the fifty-eighth president of the United states. Trump (Chinese translated as Trump, Trump, the former name is Chinese) because of an administrative lawsuit against the registered trademark, became popular on the internet. In November 14th, Donald? Trump agency lawyers, the case of the Beijing market is good news – Zhou Dandan law firm to the upper reaches of Chongqing morning news reporter confirmed that the plaintiff Donald? Trump with us president elect Donald Trump for the same person. In addition, the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter found by querying, even in the United States during the like a raging fire election, Donald Trump also commissioned an agency in China, a large number of registered "Trump" and "Donald? Trump" trademark. Was elected president of the United States in China trademark dispute two times against a number of "(2015) high (know) the final word no. 345th" "Donald. Trump and People’s Republic of China State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board other second instance administrative judgment", this is an administrative lawsuit involving trademark by Beijing. In May 18, 2015, the high court made the final judgment. In the case of the appellant Donald? Trump, is a born in June 14, 1946, living in New York city of Fifth Avenue No. 725 men. The appellant’s basic information is consistent with that of the Trump fifty-eighth, which has just won the US president’s Donald. In December 7, 2006, Donald? Trump to People’s Republic of China State Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the trademark trademark office) filed No. 5771154th "TRUMP" trademark, designated to be used thirty-seventh types of commercial real estate, residential and hotel interior decoration and repair services. However, Donald Trump was not lucky?. In his application "TRUMP" trademark thirty-seventh categories in November 24th before the week of the year, Shenyang Dong Wei to the Trademark Office to apply for registration, approved the use of the thirty-seventh types of construction supervision and other services on the two. That is to say, the same trademark, registered in Dong Wei, Donald Trump in the post?. The Trademark Office in November 30, 2009 rejected Donald Trump’s trademark registration?. Tang Na? Trump to the Beijing first intermediate people’s court sentenced to lose, and to the Beijing City Court appeal. The Beijing High Court ruled that Donald? Trump the grounds of appeal can not be established, not to support its appeal. The trial verdict, the facts are clear, the applicable law is correct, legal proceedings, the law should be maintained. It is worth noting that the verdict stated: first, the case acceptance fee of one hundred yuan each, by Donald? Trump burden (all paid). Donald? The case Trump lawyers are the Beijing market good lawyer Zhou Dandan and Zhao Lei. In November 14th, Zhou Dandan lawyer told reporters on the upper reaches of the agency, the agent.相关的主题文章: