Tools for Making Sea Glass Jewelry

Like most hobbies, creating sea glass pendants and necklaces takes not only the creative ability to do it, it takes a bit of cash to get started.  Luckily though, it’s up to the sea glass artist to determine how “fancy” and “glitzy” they want their jewelry to be.

I tend to have a simple and classic approach to my jewelry.  I don’t like to cover up the glass, I believe that it’s the star of the show and should shine.  I have a good friend who has a totally different approach. She likes to use lots of beads and embellishments on her pieces.

The first thing anyone trying to create sea glass jewelry should do is practice wire wrapping. There are a lot of tutorials on you tube which take you step by step through the process.  I’d suggest using a thin wire, something like a 22 gauge at first.  I use 20 gauge wire on almost all my jewelry. If I plan to use smaller diameter beads I will use thinner 22 gauge.  Yes, the higher the number the thinner the wire.

Once you have mastered the art of wire wrapping you can add beads to your designs. Michael’s and A.C. Moore and the perfect place to find wire and beads, and make sure you buy them when they are on sale and you use their coupons to save even more money!