This liar pit 32 elderly nearly $100 thousand was arrested by the police

The liar pit 32 elderly nearly 100 thousand yuan by the Zimbabwean police arrested under the banner of "health" and "tasting medicine" banner, two couples of 32 elderly people cheated nearly 100 thousand yuan. Wuqing police after investigation, they will be arrested, and will recover the money to the victims of the elderly. In mid June of this year, a man and a woman came to Wang Qingtuo, the opening of a well-known pharmaceutical companies in Tianjin branch of the medical office, the elderly around the publicity will be held health seminars, while free delivery. For the first time, only a few elderly people to participate in, claiming to be Liu manager, said the woman how to prevent diabetes, hypertension and other common diseases of the elderly health knowledge. Subsequently, claiming to be a medical representative Wang took out some oral medicine, medication, health care products and other health care necklace, said that as long as the payment of 30 yuan to $100 deposit, you can get the required medicine. At the same time, they will cover the company issued sales chapter notes, if second days to listen to lectures, tickets can refund the money. Second days, Liu was the money will be refunded, and issued to each elderly number can offer a discount card, there are more than 40 old people over half a month. In August 7th, Liu said that as long as the pay 3000 yuan deposit, you can cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have a course of. Old people have come up with their own savings deposit. The second day, when the old man had to refund, two medical representatives had run away, the old man rushed to the police. The police combed through the night, a total of 32 elderly to pay a deposit, involving nearly $100 thousand. After the police inquiry found that a well-known pharmaceutical companies in Tianjin there is no branch. After identification, these drugs and health care products are only some ordinary drugs were put on a fake package, and no special effects. After investigation, the task force will be identified Liu and Wang’s true identity. Their real name Qin and Zhang, two people are husband and wife, do a few business have lost the book, they sprouted a health talk as a pretext for fraud. The police in a rental arrested two men, they confessed to the crime. As of press time, Qin, Zhang suspicion of fraud has been Wuqing jingfangxingju.相关的主题文章: