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This is not a drama tomb law review: TV drama "old nine door" is hit, film and television in the novel tomb thrills, but in reality it is illegal hundred-percent’s tomb. The tomb damaged precious historical relics, the tomb of criminals to be subject to legal sanctions. The situation of cultural relics crime in our country in recent years severe antique collection hot market is not bad, because of hefty profits driven, China’s cultural relics rampant crime, theft of precious historical relics, cultural relics, ancient cultural relics stolen, stolen to sell. In 2015, the State Bureau of cultural relics relics were reported 29 cases of theft, robbery, ancient cultural sites and ancient tombs were excavated in 83 cases. Hebei, Henan Han Qing Dongling mausoleum, Mausoleum and Luonan Hebei Xianxian County Han tomb, Hubei Mashan tombs, Guangdong Tang tombs of ancient tombs have been stolen case. Combat and prevention of cultural relics remains a long and arduous task. The current cultural relics crime presents the new characteristics of network, scale, professionalism, intelligence, violence and concealment. Cultural relics clear division of criminal gangs, stealing, robbing, transportation, shelter, stolen goods through-train operations, crime means constant renovation, even with high technological content. Some cultural relics dealers to open "antique" as a cover, the collection under the guise of widespread implementation of illegal activities, the transfer of stolen goods. The typical case of Hebei tomb Tangshan Qing Dongling is the national key cultural relics protection units in 2000 was included in the "World Heritage list". In October 31, 2015, the implementation of criminal gangs robbing qingdongling Jing Fei Wen Xi Royal Garden coffin chamber tomb, the tomb was dug on the west side of the imperial concubine Wen Xi half meter long daodong. The case has been detected, the public security organs have been controlled 8 suspects, recovered stolen cultural relics of 12. In May 17, 2016, the Qing Dynasty found Zhao Xiling palace ran on a platform of about 50 cm high stone stigma loss. In August 21st, the case solved, the police arrested the suspects Jo 4 people, successfully recovered stolen stigma. In January 26, 2015, Dingzhou city on the west side of the South Wall Relics Gongyuan warehouse were digging a hole in the warehouse, 6 pieces of cultural relics of the Western Han Dynasty was stolen, 4 of them as a national heritage, the other two were two or three national heritage. At the end of June, the group will be the 13 suspects were all arrested, 6 stolen artifacts recovered. Ningxia Xixia ancient ruins – Wei province city is a national key cultural relics protection units. Between 2014 and 2015, 8 criminals headed by Zhou Kai collusion site caretaker Liyingwaihe, has 3 sites in the excavation of ancient coins, was stolen money 80 thousand and 800 yuan. Identified by the Ningxia Cultural Relics Bureau, involving the total weight of 495.526 kilograms of ancient coins, about 109016. The court sentenced Zhou Kai, Li Nanfan Gang principal excavation of ancient cultural sites of crime, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, and a fine of around the ruins of the ancient city; caregivers land excavation of ancient cultural sites made the aforementioned crimes, sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 8000 yuan; other gang members convicted of stealing dig ancient cultural relics crime, sentenced imprisonment and probation. At present, the decision has come into force. Take measures to combat worldcn相关的主题文章: