They are the trenches! Reveal the super rich wife behind big celebrity Sohu financial

They are the trenches! The secret behind the big star super rich wife – Sohu financial Mrs. Bobby Au-Yeung Fu Jiexian is the former king of Macao Fu Laorong. The Fu Laorong family is Hongkong Furama Hotel founder, the hotel market in 1985, the family holding assets of approximately HK $8 billion. This is a pile of women chasing men even marriage, marriage is Fu Jiexian initiative. But their marriage was not public until 4 years later, not because of Bobby Au-Yeung’s role as an actor, but because Fu Jiexian was a wealthy descendant, and must be low-key. Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok. Frankie Lam TVB’s artistes, Hongkong actress Kenix Kwok for his wife, the family is very rich, Guo father is a well-known Hongkong plastic industry businessman. Josephine Ho Chen Zicong and the king. Once with Daniel Wu, Terence Yin, Andrew Lien composed of Alive group, and take the film "Four Heavenly Kings", fun entertainment circle. As the daughter of Josephine Ho king in the Hongkong entertainment circle of hard work is not smooth. Josephine Ho married Chen Zicong in 2003. It was alleged that he had given his daughter 20 million yuan’s dowry. After marriage, Chen Zicong simply ate himself up as a fat man. However, Josephine Ho is said to be very strict with him, although he does not care about the appearance of her husband, but absolutely loyal. Vanness Wu and his wife Arissa1. Arissa1 father is Singapore’s largest media group, new media executives, this origin, when she was 19 years old to the development of Taiwan, who starred in the drama "kiss boy 2", "sweet lemon love", but there has been no red star Mengsui only after the United States to study. Arissa1 later returned to Taiwan to shoot Vanness Wu, "my kingdom" MV, currently resides in the United States of Losangeles, she is also a Chinese rich two generation circle. Wireless artistes Wu Jiale and influential man rich girl Zhou Huihui marriage registration, the Wu family to marry beautiful women, is not "do not talk about the heart of gold"? Zhou Huihui as the prince Chevalier Group, female, and no married feast, simply in the hotel held a ceremony, closing only about 100 thousand. Although their wedding rings are exquisite, they are not the traditional big diamonds, and Wu spends less than 200 thousand on his wife, which is really saving money. Now, two people already have a daughter and twin sons who live happily ever after. Donnie Yen and Wang Shishi. Donnie Yen was invited to participate in a hotel during dinner, met Wang Shishi born supermodel. Wang Shishi is a Canadian diamond king’s daughter, was also a Canadian Miss Chinese Toronto champion, he emigrated to Canada with his parents, parents do jewelry business in the jewelry industry, known as the king of diamonds in Canada, with its home jewelry industry scale, Wang Shishi and Zoran worth of money. In August 2003, Donnie Yen and Wang Shishi held a romantic and low-key wedding when they knew each other for only three months.

她们才是壕!揭秘大腕男星背后的超级富老婆-搜狐理财   欧阳震华太太傅洁娴是前澳门赌王傅老榕的孙女。傅老榕家族为香港富丽华酒店创办人,酒店1985年上市,家族持有资产约80亿港币。 这是一桩女追男的姻缘,连结婚都是傅洁娴主动提出的。但他们的婚事直到4年后才公开,不是因为欧阳震华的演员身份,而是因为傅洁娴是豪门后人,务必低调。   林文龙和郭可盈。林文龙为TVB旗下艺员,其妻为香港女演员郭可盈,家境极为富裕,郭父是香港有名的塑胶业商人。   陈子聪与赌王之女何超仪。曾与吴彦祖、尹子维、连凯组成Alive团体,并以此拍摄电影《四大天王》,玩转娱乐圈。 身为赌王女儿的何超仪在香港娱乐圈的打拼也并不顺利。何超仪在2003年与陈子聪成婚,据称当时何鸿?大手笔给了女儿2000万元的嫁妆。结婚之后的陈子聪干脆把自己吃成了一个大胖子。不过据说何超仪对他很严厉,尽管并不在意老公的外形,但绝对要求忠心。   吴建豪与老婆Arissa1。Arissa1父亲为新加坡最大传媒集团新传媒高层,有这层渊源,她19岁时到台湾发展,曾出演偶像剧《吐司男之吻2》、《甜柠檬之恋》,但一直没有红,明星梦碎后才赴美念书。Arissa1后来还回台湾拍摄了吴建豪《我的王国》MV,目前在美国洛杉矶定居,她本人也是华人富二代圈子里的风云人物.   无线艺员吴家乐与富家女周蕙蕙注册结婚,这次吴家乐娶得美人归,究竟是不是“讲心不讲金”呢?周蕙蕙身为其士集团的太子女,出阁并没有豪门夜宴,只是简单地于酒店举行仪式,结帐只约10万。他们的结婚戒指虽然款式精美,却不是传统的大颗钻石,吴家乐娶老婆花费不超过20万,实在省钱。现在两人已经有一女儿及双胞胎儿子,生活幸福美满。   甄子丹和汪诗诗。甄子丹在应邀参加一次酒店的饭局期间,结识了名模出身的汪诗诗。汪诗诗是加拿大钻石之王之女,也曾是加拿大的多伦多华裔小姐冠军,自幼随父母移居加拿大,父母是做珠宝生意的,在珠宝业界被尊称为加拿大的钻石之王,以其家里的珠宝产业规模来说,汪诗诗的富贵身价卓然不菲。 2003年8月,甄子丹与汪诗诗在相互认识才三个月之际,低调举办了浪漫温馨的婚礼。相关的主题文章: