These words to parents in the heart can not say to the child zhuxianduowan

These words, parents should be rotten in the heart cannot say to the child as parents is not easy, not reckless abuse of children, can not be too spoiled. In fact, when the child makes a mistake, parents first thing to do is to control their emotions, and then to a normal heart and child exchanges. The following 16 words, parents tend to inadvertently say exports, but it will cause a bad influence on children, need special attention. 1, the man husband, as for? Let the children learn to freely express their feelings is very important, if the children often say that children will eventually become a cannot freely express their feelings of people (such examples in life there?). 2, this is what boys and girls should do! Do not be in the child to explore their own interest in the matter of the stage, the arbitrary denial of it. The boy become a good dancer or girl to become a great athlete is not good? 3, in the future if you have a child like you, you will understand my feelings! It sounds like a bit of an idea, but it can make the child suffer a great deal. Because the subtext of this sentence is the process of raising the child is not happy, but also contains a deep malicious: I hope the children will suffer the same pain in the future. 4, your mom and dad is a silly X (or similar) maybe she really is, but you can’t always put such words in the mouth, said to the child to listen to. And if you always listen to this, the child will think it is normal to judge a family member. 5, your character is more introverted, and your sister sister brother more outgoing. The only way to do this is to get the kids to walk on the inside or the outside of the road, and feel like they’re the only ones. 6, shut up! Everyone does not like others to say so, as for children, they are not the way to deal with you, say a lot to you. 7, why can’t you like your sister or brother? It is, of course, a barrier between man and woman. Today’s topic: children make mistakes, how do you usually criticize him? The idea of your hair to our WeChat public number Q security pioneer in the background, the opportunity to get a beautiful gift 8, you have the ability to cry, I see you cry when! In this way, the child will feel that you do not want to communicate with him. Weakness and fear will make him sad, and it has nothing to do with the original cry. The best way is to tell the child to calm down, think about it really good? 9. Why don’t you have one thing to do! Everyone is from accumulated experience of trial and error, you say, the child would not have the courage to try, of course, will progress slowly. 10, there is nothing to fear, to try! You tell him it’s nothing to make him feel better. Instead, you should ask the child, what are you afraid of? 11. This is the consequence of your disobedience! When you tell your child not to run, as a result, he is still running and falling down, you might think so. But if you talk to your child, it’s a waste of time telling him.相关的主题文章: