The Zebra Zt220 Label Printer – A Highly Affordable Midrange

Hardware The range of well-specified, but not overly expensive thermal label printers on the market is undoubtedly a large one, as can be especially well-appreciated in a well-stocked online store like that of Thermal Printer Services Ltd. Our represented brands include such respected names as Toshiba TEC, Kroy, Printronix, Datamax-O’Neil and Citizen, but there’s another manufacturer that you might want to know about – Zebra. Zebra has gained great renown for its thermal transfer bar code printers and related supplies, so it should be no big shock that there are so many offerings from this manufacturer here at TPS. Just one of its affordable models that we are happy to re.mend is the Zebra ZT220 label printer . This midrange thermal label printer replaced the bestselling Zebra S4M, with its improvements on that model a reflection of direct customer feedback. The incredible ease of use of the Zebra ZT220 label printer, for instance, is ensured by a .bination of a simple three button interface and a hinged bi-fold plastic cover, the latter to save space. This model certainly caters for many different practical requirements, boasting a 4" (104mm) print width along with a maximum printspeed of 152mm/s. You’ve got a lot of options with the Zebra ZT220 label printer range. You can select between 203dpi and 300dpi print resolutions, with both direct thermal and thermal transfer modes also available. There are various interfaces that can be specified, too – USB and Serial interfaces being standard, with Parallel, Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces among the other options. As for media, the Zebra ZT220 is capable of taking 300m thermal transfer ribbons and rolls of labels with an outer diameter of no more than 8". One feature that this label printer does not have, however, is an LCD display – for that, we would re.mend the Zebra ZT230 range. When you purchase a thermal label printer like this one from TPS, however, you aren’t just getting the machine – you’re also getting a truly .prehensive and responsive customer service. We are happy to advise you on your eventual choice of printer or accessories. The latter, in the case of the Zebra ZT220 label printer, can include USB cables, Serial cables, Ether. cables and various other items that help you to get the most out of this impressive – not to mention impressively-priced – thermal printer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: