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The world’s first VR payment service with payment products unveiled in Shenzhen "double week" – Shenzhen Channel – first VR global payment products — VR Pay debut in Shenzhen "double week". People’s daily, Shenzhen, October (14) (Wang Xing) with VR glasses, selected to the Italian goods, just look at a few eyes, the courier can deliver goods…… The day before, the ant payment service at the main venue in Shenzhen national double week, released the first VR global payment products — VR Pay. It is understood that the VR Pay by the Ant King of independent research and development, can be in shopping, live games or virtual games and other environments, through touch, stare, nod and other interactive ways to complete the payment immediately. "With VR  Pay, do not have to buy the hands of the ‘buy’.   "citizen participation in live experience. VR  Pay R & D team, ant gold suit F studio head Lin Feng, VR  Pay is based on the features of virtual reality, using a unique payment verification methods and system security mechanism, combined with biological recognition technology, so pay more security. At the same time, the product has also set up a virtual scene payment standards, such as cash register, payment process, security authentication, etc..   2014, Facebook to $2 billion acquisition of Oculus, officially opened the era of global VR consumption. Around 2015, Oculus, Google, HTC, SONY and other companies, have launched a commercial VR glasses for the public, more and more users can experience VR.   although VR is considered to be the Internet industry in the next outlet, but most of the time, it is more like a senior toy, cool but not practical. VR shopping, for example, previously, the user in the virtual reality environment after the selection of goods, or when you need to buy a computer or mobile phone. VR is just a way of showing goods. "The core of VR is an immersive experience, but it doesn’t have to be immersed." Lin Feng said. The payment service that the relevant person in charge, at the beginning of the birth of new technology, by making the concept, burn, subsidies to staking, but to long-term development, must have a healthy and sustainable business model of cash flow. Among them, the payment is a key step in the business closed loop. VR Pay will be the development of VR technology, to a new era." (end) (Chen Yuzhu, commissioning editor: Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: