The world’s box office broke the first day of 72 million 440 thousand detonated National Film Archiv-googims

"The whole world" breaking 100 million at the box office the first day of the 72 million 440 thousand movie film "detonated National Archives passing from your world" the strongest and most IP at the box office breaking 100 million cast together to create the annual blockbuster "emotional passing from your world" in September 29th has been screened in the country, released on the first day at the box office reached 72 million 440 thousand, as of 30 noon 12 points total the box office breaking 100 million, driven by the recent downturn in the film market "ice breaking", the movie detonated national archives. In the first day of release, the original screenwriter Zhang Jiajia, director Zhang Yibai and starring Deng Chao, Yang Yang and Liu Yan unveiled the theme of Nanjing premiere, the play and "Chen end" and his friends reunited in Nanjing, to celebrate the true words. Mouth overflowing breaking 100 million at the box office the first day of the rescue success "ice breaking" over 70 million driving the market soared 2 times in September 29th is a movie released "passing from your world" on the first day, the first day of the movie box office has reached 72 million 440 thousand. At present, the cumulative box office has broken million, for the film the National Archives Daxiangdiyipao also brought a Mengliao agent to the recent downturn in the film market, driven by the ice film market "national archives". The recent film market generally cold, since September the film did not have a single day box office of more than 65 million, in recent days at the box office is dropped to the freezing point, daily box office only 30 million. But "passing from your world" on the first day at the box office reached 72 million 440 thousand, 46% of the 75% row piece contracted at the box office, will still work on Thursday at the box office market with heat to 96 million, compared with 30 million of the market Wednesday, the movie "passing from your world" pull the overall market soared 2 times. As of 30 at noon on the 12, the film box office success break billion in 2016 to become the first national day, billions of dollars at the box office movie. The movie "from your world by" not only the box office performance, the film is as amazing. Zhou Liming, a senior critic said: "Zhang Yibai is probably best Chinese shoot the film version of the petty romantic director, the" passing from your world "a little more comedy. (the film) camera and music are quite particular about… "… senior media people from" Dr. Strangelove "commented:" Zhang Yibai is the best director in the mainland, pick a sense of the city’s director… And… Past Zhang Yibai movie is different, "passing from your world" originated in the city, but at the end of nature in. The hustle and bustle of the city and the alienation of nature constitute the two sides of the mood." Critics of "Film Semiotics" gave a high evaluation to Deng Chao in the movie: "in Deng Chao’s Chen end, a look is decadent, but his eyes from time to time revealed a sincere and childlike heart, especially when the office with small volume at the end of the Chen bet, though laugh loudly, it is crying the most distressed." Have watched the movie audience have said they would go to the two brush brush three, "laughter, tears, thinking, feeling, this is a worthy two brush film", "really did not expect to be small Yue Yue cry", "National Archives conscience works, must see for". One day the world gathered all the creative bar Zhang Jiajia Zhang Yibai together recall the past of Nanjing released on the first day, the original writer Zhang Jiajia, director Zhang Yibai led the main articles!相关的主题文章: