The woman opened the car feeling frustrated to send photos with blood bestie self mutilation face gossip

The woman opened the car feeling frustrated self mutilation pictures to bestie blood covered recently, Lankao County Public Security Bureau Chengguan Township and County Bureau police patrol, video, traffic police and other departments of police linkage, rapid response, timely rescue of a woman to commit suicide because of emotional problems, to avoid the tragedy happened. The evening of September 11th, residents of the area Chengguan Township police station received a report said Liu, her sister drove away, and this is the car disappear without a trace, self mutilation, trying to Dutch act. Interrogation by the police learned that Liu’s sister roundlet (a pseudonym) 20 years old this year, has been greatly stimulated because of emotional problems, before the incident she was driving away from home, family is looking for the occasion, only to see the small round to the bestie Ma Moumou sent some pictures of my bloody photos, see this a scene, the family hurried to the police. Human life, to understand the situation, the director of the history of Ming side arrangement 30 duty and guard personnel dispatched police duty vehicles and 6 private cars, to start the search in the county and the surrounding side, request support, with the request of Chengguan town police station, patrol unit, video brigade, traffic police brigade and other departments. After multiple police search for the city, and finally in the evening at 9:30 pm, Chengguan Township police station Wang Luping et al found small vehicles in the style of a construction site near the Road West, and tried to close, did not expect the roundlet aware of the arrival of police, immediately drove along the route to open high-speed ahead. Wang Luping immediately informed to other personnel and vehicles, small family oriented director Shi Mingyi informed of the situation, and the brightest police to ensure the safety of the case as soon as possible to intercept small vehicles. After nearly 20 kilometers, we finally in Kaifeng City Xiangfu territory Qu Xing Zhen successfully stopped the vehicle, but the small refused to open the door. The police found through the glass, the small pale, covered in blood, then the small family rushed to the scene, after the family and the police force to open the door to small, but after getting off the mood is still very excited, the wound on the body more than blood. Seeing this, the police regardless of time is late, the small family will assist her to hospital, after timely treatment and was hospitalized for ten days, round smooth discharge. In September 22, 2016, roundlet and his family came to Lankao County Public Security Bureau Chengguan Township police station, excitedly thanks director Shi Ming and Wang Lu equal police, for their people, for the people’s behavior in the highly praised.相关的主题文章: