The woman accused of drunk driving on behalf of long dispute is not money to lie – in

The woman accused of drunk driving on behalf of long dispute is not money to lie in life – new network September 19th news: "you are so open too long, when can I get home!" Harbin a woman to find a substitute for driving drunk, halfway to say on behalf of the drive way, also want to drive home, so two people quarrel in the street. The woman is because I have no money, can not pay the fee before the generation of driving, so shamelessly. According to the Xiangfang auxiliary police patrol brigade five squadrons of the auxiliary police summer, Liu Zhi, 17, 20 pm, they patrol to near the Zhongshan Road Peace Road intersection, and found a man and a woman in the quarrel, the woman man kept pushing shouting, parked next to a double flash banner of private cars. Two people immediately came forward to understand the situation, the man saw the auxiliary police quickly explained the situation, I was on behalf of the driver, from the central street near a hotel received her, the car felt she had drunk too much. Just started running, we both did not speak. At this intersection, she suddenly called me the long way around, otherwise arrived home early, let me quickly down, she drove well." Generation driver said, "I told her certainly not detour, also advised her not drunk, but she would not listen, so they quarreled in the street." The woman came to see the auxiliary police, the mood eased slightly, to the auxiliary police out the truth. After dinner at the original call on behalf of the drive, but forgot I had no money, to open the vehicle near the Zhongshan Road Peace Road intersection to think of it, just under the mobile phone has no electricity, helpless, she decided to drive "tiaocier" for generations, not to lie on behalf of the driving fee. Auxiliary police understand the situation, contacted the woman’s brother, paid by her brother to the driver on behalf of the driver, and the woman wanted to drink driving behavior of persuasion and education, and by his brother to drive away. (Li Mingzhe)相关的主题文章: