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The United States presidential election approaching departments to prevent terrorist attacks in the picture data prepared to meet the challenge of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) an official said, the November 8th election day in the United States before and after al Qaeda in New York, Texas and Virginia attack. Security departments have received and are evaluating the credibility of the intelligence, security departments at all levels to make the final preparations for the safety of the election. Base raid? Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) was the first reported the Al Qaeda plot to attack the news. An FBI official told the CBS that the attack could take place on 7, "the counterterrorism and homeland security departments are always on the alert and ready for an attack". A federal government official told the Reuters 4, New York, Texas and Virginia, the state and local governments have received some notice issued by the federal government agencies. The official also said that the threat of a low level of threat. The port authority of New York and New Jersey manages facilities such as airports, tunnels and bridges in and around New York. Steve, spokesman for the Council, ·, refused to disclose the information about the security threat, but said that the port authority will continue to carry out high-density inspections within the jurisdiction of the. On the day of the election, both candidates Hilary · Clinton and · will hold a rally in New York. New York City Police Department said in a statement, they still received in the assessment of the credibility of the report, and the report says "vague, the lack of specific points". The statement also said that the police and several intelligence agencies, the United States to combat terrorism joint working group to cooperate, will jointly guard against security threats. The governor of Texas, Greg · Abbott said it is on the situation, called on all the people of Texas alert. The governor of Virginia spokesman Brian · who said: "we will try our best to protect the safety of Virginia, we are confident we can safely vote on election day they." It is not uncommon that U.S. intelligence agencies often receive information about the threat of terrorist attacks before major public events. Reuters quoted a New York law enforcement officials reported that the U.S. government is trying to figure out whether there is such a plot to attack the true, and the location of the three allegedly attacked is "smoke bomb". "Another possibility is that some people want to ‘inspire’ some people in the United States to launch attacks," the official said. Inciting followers to attack directly in their own countries, has become some extremist organizations new tricks. U.S. Department of homeland security official said, domestic extremist militants may be instructed to launch terrorist attacks in the country, which raises concerns about the security sector. The Islamic state in recent years arrogance, involved many American counter-terrorism effort. But "9· over the past 15 years after the 11 terrorist attacks, Al Qaeda has not corpuscles". "Base" Yemen branch on the sea through the sea of Yemen pose a threat to the merchant. In Afghanistan, the United States continues to fight terrorism. US Department of Defense spokesman Peter · Cook 4)相关的主题文章: