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The U. S. – Xu Fan Zheng Saisai 2-0 Zhang Shuai missed the top 16 qualify for the women’s Doubles – Beijing sports Sohu on September 3rd morning, the 2016 U.S. Open Grand Slam tennis match continues, in the second round of the women’s doubles match, No. 11 seed Zheng Saisai China combined Xu Fan to maintain excellent condition, 6-3 7-6 straight down two to defeat transnational combination of Sangtong Ella Yanukovich plus, successfully advance women’s doubles 16. Another game, Zhang Shuai Stosur against No. 5 seed Maarova Vesnina in the second set of Russia, missed the match point after the final 6-3 6-7 4-6 was reversed out of us missed the top 16 women’s doubles. Xu Fan Zheng Saisai 2-0 Yanukovich Ella Sangtong (6-3 and 7-6) Xu Yifan Zheng Saisai is the current US women’s doubles No. 11 seed, at the beginning of the Australian Open once broke into the semi-finals, the first round of the US open two straight sets victory over Carla Schoeni Kurkovva Panova. The first game, link Chinese combination serve full advantage, a leading opponent of the scoring rate of 10 percentage points, Xu Fan Zheng Saisai in the first set to create 5 break opportunities and broke two times to complete the final 6-3 to win the first set. Second set Ella Covic San Tongia links serve a substantial decline, there have been as many as 6 double faults, but Chinese break combination efficiency is not high, 8 break points only 1 break, Ella Yanukovich Sangtong also was broken China combined serve, 6-6 after entering the grab seven. When Xu Fan Zheng Saisai solidity, 7-5 won seven grab two straight sets victory, winning 16 in advance. Zhang Shuai Stosur 1-2 Maarova Vesnina (6-3 6-7 4-6) the current US Zhang Shuai a personal best record into the third round, the second round to beat the opponent is the doubles partner Stosur. Two people together against the US Open women’s doubles match, Jankovic led the first round 2-1 defeat transnational combination, in the second round opponent is the number 5 seed, Russian Maarova Vesnina. The first game, the Third Bureau of Russia’s first break, the fourth game of Zhang Shuai Stosur broke back 2-2. Then even with a broken protect a 4-2 lead, Zhang Shuai Stosur will break to the end, 6-3 won the first. The second game, the Russian combination of fourth Bureau of the completion of the break, followed by Zhang Shuai Stosur with Lianpo with Paul 5-4 ahead into the ball game, the Russian combination then broke back, issued their own security after 6-6. Zhang Shuai Stosur was snatched seven 6-3 to match point, then Russia’s tenacious scored 5 points, scored 8-6 reversal grab seven, total score of 1-1. The third set Zhang Shuai Stosur combination completely suppressed opponents, suffered after the break to achieve back breaking, 4-6 lost the decider, eventually lost 1-2 in Russia missed the top 16 women’s doubles combination. (Feng Qingyang)相关的主题文章: