The Tiangong two detection atmosphere eye I made in Jilin homefront

The "Tiangong two" detection atmosphere "eye" have we made in Jilin in the mid autumn day, Chinese Temple No. two, the successful launch of the space lab, open space travel. Do you know that? The "Tiangong two" detection atmosphere "eye" is the Chinese Changchun Science Institute of Optics and fine mechanics and Physics Research Institute (referred to as Changchun Institute of Atmospheric Physics) and China Institute (referred to as ICCES) jointly developed. 18, China Jilin network reporter interviewed Changchun machine related personnel, so that we have a full understanding of "Tiangong two" atmosphere "eye" detection. By the way, it’s full name: ultraviolet imaging spectrometer. Who designed and developed the ultraviolet imaging spectrometer? Ultraviolet limb imaging spectrometer by Changchun Institute of Atmospheric Physics and share. Changchun Institute as the research unit is responsible for the completion of loading, ultraviolet limb imaging spectrometer of key technologies, and the radiometric calibration of load research; application research undertaken by atmospheric physics, high precision for establishing suitable ultraviolet radiation spectral features of fast forward simulation system and corresponding inversion method. The center for space application engineering and technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as the whole part of the space application system, provides comprehensive guidance and technical support for the development and application of UV imaging spectrometer. What is the use of UV Imaging Spectrometer? The earth is surrounded by a layer of mysterious atmosphere, composition and distribution of the atmosphere with our earth’s survival environment, especially ozone, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, aerosol and some trace gas in the atmosphere is the main factors affecting the earth’s environment and climate change. Ultraviolet limb imaging spectrometer is built in the Temple No. two on the "eye", performed on the ground can not realize the observation of atmospheric trace gas content, distribution and change tasks, significance of monitoring the atmospheric state, and causes the climate changes of the earth’s ecological environment protection is extremely important. Why in the sky a UV Imaging Spectrometer? Seen from space, the earth, like a shiny coat, is mysterious and beautiful. The atmosphere ocean biosphere of earth, and then, the magnetosphere and the ionosphere even by the effects of solar activity, is the main carrier and the activity of the earth’s climate and environment stage, it is our human survival space only, life study and protection of it for everyone. The earth’s atmosphere                     see the earth from space of human eyes can only feel visible light, see the atmosphere is transparent, we can not see the changes in the atmosphere, the ozone layer is not to be seen in some places have been destroyed that cannot protect us, but do not see how many harmful gases such as demons and ghosts like lurking ready for waiting in the atmosphere. The atmosphere will be removed in ultraviolet spectrum coat, composition and changes are clearly seen, completely unmasked. The ozone layer in the atmosphere相关的主题文章: