The teacher is sick students to raise and manage the donations to get students mother-mcncc

The teacher is sick students to raise and manage the donations to provide the students mother back teacher hospital charge bill. The little girl was for respondents figure serious illness, life can not take care of themselves. Little girl’s teacher to help raise donations of more than 30 yuan, and run for their treatment. After treatment, donations are currently left more than 14 yuan. So, the rest of the money, in the end who management? How do you use it? The donation fund bought mother suspicious students who lived in the city of Zaozhuang Xiao Liang (a pseudonym) suffering from congenital diseases, teacher Xu Zhu (a pseudonym) has for the about 300000 yuan to raise money, and with a little good to see a doctor in Shanghai, spent more than 20. To improve the condition, do little good procedure, continue to receive rehabilitation treatment in hospital. Just recently, a dramatic change of events, Xiao Liang Xu mother said money was transferred away, how is this going? 10 evening, Qilu Evening News reporter came to the hospital to see Xiao Liang and her mother. Xiao Liang mother said: to the child after surgery, Xu said that the bank card to her, every month to go through the formalities of the hospital, but also to apply for reimbursement of medical insurance, I’ll do it for you." At that time did not think much, I thought the child’s disease thanks to the teacher Xu, the money is also assured to Xu teacher. Over the past few years, the teacher will come at least once a month, to send living expenses, what procedures, and when the new year, but also with cash and gifts, the children really good for us." In May this year, Mr. Xu called to say that you can buy the fund into the fund, the interest rate is high. Xiao Liang mother also agreed, then the funds from the bank card. Recently, however, good mother changed her mind, want to get the money back to the third party to manage. Because of this, Xiao Liang mother and teacher Xu conflict. The teacher agreed to hand over the money with the accounts that they have with Xu Xiaoliang family explained. "I can guarantee that all the money I spent on Xiao Liang’s body, each account has a detailed record. I have to report to them regularly because I have to give my love." Xu teacher’s love has been confirmed, the hospital a nurse and she said, Xu teacher often come before, at the beginning of the week will come to see Xiao Liang, later the little good situation gradually stabilized, a month over time, even if you don’t come, will let her lover come for some procedures. Why to buy the fund, Xu also explained, "the rest of the money is not a small number, and some people love their talk, consider family reasons of small good, the money can not be a one-time to small good mother, so he moved, the money can only be used for the rehabilitation of small good." So they come forward, the two accounts of the money pooled to an account, because at that time, under the age of less than 16 years old, on the use of Xu’s ID card to open an account, the purchase of the imf. This year there are more than 4000 yuan income. Considering the particularity of the small good family, good for small monthly living expenses of $1500. Xu said that since the mother has a small request, these days will be taken out of the fund, the calculation of all accounts clearly, and then contact the notary office, representatives of contributions, civil affairs departments and the media, to hand over the money." The law can invest money only money but.相关的主题文章: