The taste of Audi Black & taste four leading the future direction w-inds.

The taste of Audi Black & taste four leading the future direction if you want, if you know, if you have a dream of the future, if you’re curious…… Please continue reading. How far is the future of science fiction from tomorrow? Today, you will be given a full taste of Audi black technology. I never want to is not in accordance with a manufacturer advertised for my dear readers do two repeater, because this is completely contrary to our original intention. But for the full set of Audi technology analysis, I think is necessary for the future development of Audi as the "four modernizations" logic. Because it can save everyone’s reading energy, more systematic and more complete, but this does not mean that we are in Audi endorsement. The spirit of friendly reading principle, this paper carried out on the depth of repeat not technology, try to directly express the influence and significance as well as the conclusion. The future development direction of Audi can use the following four to describe: 1, intelligent; 2, wanglian; 3, new energy; 4, sharing. Sharing and high-end luxury community in Hongkong began to invest, this article does not do much to explore. The above four points are not separate separate relationship, the direction of the combination of these four directions to become the future direction of the development of a Audi. The new energy technologies and models: at present, Audi has a plug-in hybrid technology in the new energy vehicle (PHEV), pure electric (EV) technology and hydrogen fuel cells, and the future of domestic according to the actual situation of the introduction of PHEV and EV. As a representative of the PHEV models, Audi A6L e-tron will be officially listed in the domestic market in December, the new Q7 e-tron models will be landing in the country in 2017, after the Audi A3L e-tron models have been listed in the country and began selling. The pure electric vehicles is still planned, which as a concept car Audi pure electric vehicle type pilot work of e-tron Quattro in September 10th, the Audi Brand Summit is released, and the future of the domestic introduction of the first EV in 2017 will also meet with China consumers. The Audi e-tron Quattro concept car use pure electric system and chassis technology will be the future of Audi launched a pure electric vehicle type important technical reserves. Although h-tron has such a hydrogen fuel cell technology, but the order based on the domestic actual situation, Audi will adhere to the introduction of plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles, hydrogen energy vehicles do not have more substantive information. But by the end of 2016, in addition to the new energy vehicles, Audi’s new A4 Allroad will also be listed on the quattro. Drive technology – cleaner and more efficient: had already released in Europe Quattro ultra electronic controlled multiple disc clutch drive system and 48V (electric powered compressor EPC blessing e-turbo) technology, although the Audi Brand Summit did not see this set of systems and electronic equipment of the SQ7 turbine.相关的主题文章: