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"The sparrow" Zhang Ruoyun in secret latent calm surface – Sohu   entertainment threatened by growing crises; "sparrow" Zhang Ruoyun in secret hidden Sohu entertainment news Spy Drama "sparrow" in before the launch because of strong cast and sophisticated production team behind the high-profile premiere when logical got broken 2 good results now, the ratings still continue to rise. Previously, the play is regarded as the highest value of Yan Spy Drama, as the color value to play one of Zhang Ruoyun again, the challenge, interpretation of juntong agents in the sea of Tangshan, a fake husband and Dongyu Zhou plays Xu Bicheng in disguise. As a latent Tang Shanhai’s life is calm on the surface, in fact it is threatened by growing crises. Zhang Ruoyun’s debut drama "sparrow" regression Guardian "new interpretation of belief from the snow leopard", Zhang Ruoyun by "Zhou Weiguo" in a corner of the award-winning, after some drama works, but in recent years, this kind of work is less. Before the conference, Zhang Ruoyun also bluntly he has been to drama has a special feeling, "said in a" sparrow "is a return, because they are not the same plot of drama, this is a story of profound works, role is a true hero, can give play to actors more. Space." Last night’s episode Zhang Ruoyun dressed in a dress for the first time, as a sleeper he and Chen deep together, defend the country and faith. Zhang Ruoyun Dongyu Zhou really fake husband battlefield drama hidden mystery Zhang Ruoyun said in an interview earlier, Dongyu Zhou was performing in an actor will give others unexpected reaction, will the collision of different spark, and the two people can play together for the first time the couple brought many surprises to the audience. The play, played by Zhang Ruoyun Tang Shanhai and Dongyu Zhou plays Xu Bicheng accept the organization disguised as a false husband and wife, they are really on the battlefield with each other, and the development of feelings of the line have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, Xu Bicheng on the sea of Tangshan, so that we have a lot of conjecture. Zhang Ruoyun chose the "sparrow" regression is also a new challenge, Tangshan sea body loyalties, feelings and show love affection, have put forward high requirements on the actor, Zhang Ruoyun interview also said that the Tangshan sea is really a hero, appreciate this role. Before the exposure of the trailers, calm a corner out of the Tangshan sea elegance, has become a topic of hot friends, from Tangshan to Zhang Ruoyun Yuhuang sea, the great differences of interpretation of the role is to let the audience feel he is a professional actor.   相关的主题文章: