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The singers gathered in Inner Mongolia to sing "Arxan Forest Music Festival" – Beijing, Beijing, Arxan, September 8 (Zhang Wei Wu Qiong), Bruce passion rock tenderness, melodious folk style. On the evening of 8, from the United States, Cameroon, Mongolia, China China, Cuba, Italy and Uganda in Britain, the singers gathered in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region city of Arxan, to participate in the "2016 Arxan International Forest Music Festival", detonated the entire forest. Arxan is located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, with a total land area of 74 hectares, forest coverage rate of 78.6%, green vegetation rate of more than 95%, is a veritable forest town". In recent years, Arxan has attracted a large number of tourists both at home and abroad, relying on its rich natural landscapes such as hot springs, wetlands, volcanoes, ice and snow, forests and so on. Music Festival in a group of electric locomotive in the curtain, thousands of people were brought into the rhythm of the rhythm of the music exciting point. A singer with the most enthusiasm for visitors and show the audience a in surrounded by nature, the song resounded through the sky. That night, the singer sang some well-known Chinese songs. Uganda singer Daria told reporters: "I came across the Chinese, the northernmost China. I can feel the fresh forest city, but also feel the profound Chinese culture." "Before the show, I had in-depth communication with Chinese singer Uren Chimug. We will collaborate on music to create music that combines both cultures." Delia says. Arxan municipal government official said, the music festival created by the most incisive performance together with the international open, professional and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and cooperation of multi field culture and Arxan port opening played an active role in promoting. It is reported that the concert will be held for two days. (end)相关的主题文章: