The singer had bipolar disorder two years to Dutch act self mutilation wall – Sohu entertainment eve tianbi

The singer had bipolar disorder: two years to Dutch act self mutilation wall – Sohu entertainment Lu Kaitong suffered from bipolar disorder Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on November 3rd day, Lu Kaitong was nominated for the twenty-fourth Hongkong talented creative Taiwan Award for "Best Mandarin Female Singer", "best composer Award", the career path of high-profile, but she had been there for 2 years by manic depression ridden, serious to almost homes, 2 hours of sleep a night insomnia, even with the head on the wall to self mutilation, hit head broken and bleeding stop being rushed to the hospital, Dutch act lingering thoughts. Lukatung by the end of 2013 suffering from bipolar disorder, after 2 years of treatment slowly out of the doldrums, according to reports, memories of this low tide, she said because there is no work on the door, only 4 digit HKD Savings, only 2 hours of sleep every night insomnia, this situation lasted for 9 months, let her exhausted when the disease will close at home, bashed his head against the wall self mutilation, twice hit head bleeding, "admitted to Dutch act every day". Who is suffering from bipolar disorder in person, Lu Kaitong said, the most terrible is not love you, but the love of others is of no use, no sense, then stop trying to kill that impulse, because there are also to oneself only a little love, let her as soon as possible to the psychiatric clinic. To fall into the abyss of his life back, but also by the experience of urging fans to cherish life, embrace hope, life must have a way to go."相关的主题文章: