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The scientific explanation of ghost press ", came to know about sleep paralysis disease – health Sohu perhaps in life we have encountered such a situation: sleep wake up and find themselves unable to move, this time a lot of people will feel fear," I am not the ghost press ah?" In fact, the "ghost press" formal statement is "sleep paralysis syndrome, sleep disorders, sleep disorders belong to a. Ghost press "is actually refers to the occurrence of sleep paralysis disease, not short independent movement during sleep (like suddenly paralyzed) terrorist experience. Because of the patient’s body can not move, like something on the chest, the folk called "ghost press". During the attack, the patient is conscious of the surrounding environment, but has a magic touch, hallucinations, hallucinations and other special horror experience, with hallucinations, hallucinations in common. This illusion is usually very strong, strange and eccentric, thus causing great distress to the patient, the patient has a strong sense of horror and dying. For example, the content of the hallucinations can be characters, animal or other objects or entities such as shadow, soul, demons, vampires, monsters, and even "see" the stranger from the window broke, kept out of their room, "hear" youyuanerjin footsteps. These experiences are like nightmares. People and friends, when you feel sleep paralysis, can relax yourself and tell yourself, "this is the ghost press, nothing", so that it may directly wake up. Try twisting the limbs, such as fingers and toes. Because most sleep paralysis is affected by the abdomen, chest, throat, so if you focus on your toes and try to move it, it is likely to wake you up. Because breathing is affected by internal organs such as the heart, not like the arm, chest, leg muscles like paralysis, if you can control the breath, you can control the fear. In addition, you can use the sound changes, such as breathing, coughing to wake up their own. Because this kind of behavior is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, even in sleep can be consciously adjusted. Most of the body can not move, but the tongue can still be more flexible, you can try out the tongue sticking out, can you succeed. At the same time, as far as possible to speak out the tongue, ears can hear the sound of their own can do. The occasional "ghost press" the body does not matter, without excessive anxiety. When a person touches the body or speaks to him, an attack can be stopped. But if multiple episodes of "ghost press", must pay attention to their sleep habits, daily schedule, avoid get up late and sleeping too much or too little sleep; still need to pay attention to improve the external environmental factors, such as the quilt shoulds not be too thick, the room temperature should not be too high; but also pay attention to physical and emotional regulation. Shaanxi university hospital medical consulting, appointment registration, hospital services, fetus4d ultrasound appointment: 4001880123 ambulance service 24 hours hotline: 029-3333 9999相关的主题文章: